9 Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down Your Toilet

Clogged toilet, a person using a plunger, another person trying to contact a plumbing service

Sometimes we treat our toilets as trashcans and toss things in them. While it may seem like a useful thing to do, it can cause significant damage to your plumbing, community water system, and the environment.

Since the diameter of the pipe is just four inches, anything larger than that can surely clog the toilet.

Toilets are made to flush only two things: our waste, and toilet paper. However, we flush a lot more than just these things. Did you know that toilet paper forms 50% of non-dispersible materials in wastewater followed by 25% of facial wipes, tampons, and condoms?

Throwing different things in your toilet can clog it and cause significant damage. Below we provide you with a list of nine things that you shouldn’t flush down your toilet.

Paper Towels

They may look like toilet paper, but they are designed to absorb water. They don’t dissolve into water like toilet paper does. If you’ve run out of toilet paper and have to you use paper towels, throw them in a trash can!

Baby Wipes

They are the worst when it comes to sanitary products. When flushed, they lead to fat build-up in your pipes, called fatbergs. They don’t dissolve in water and damage the sewage system.

an assortment of different colored pills spilled


Even though it’s common knowledge that you wouldn’t be able to flush diapers down the drain, plumbers have often found them to be the reasons behind clogs. Diapers are made to absorb liquids. In the process, they expand and constrict the flow of water.


Medicines contaminate wastewater. As the wastewater goes through filtration, it may not eliminate toxins from the medications that impact the water that you drink.

Dental Floss

It’s made of non-biodegradable materials like nylon and Teflon. When flushed, it gets mixed with

facial wipes and gum and forms a ball that clogs the pipes.


They’re made of latex and don’t break down in the water. Similar to dental floss, they stick with other products and clog the drains.


They form a net within themselves when you flush them. They get into everything they come across in the drains and play a big role in clogging them.

cigarette butts in an ashtray on a dark grey ground

Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts are made from cellulose acetate, nicotine, toxins, and carcinogens – all leading to contamination of wastewater.

Chewing Gum

Gum doesn’t dissolve in water. It’s sticky, so it gets stuck inside your pipe and leads to clogs in drains over time.

It’s essential for you to realize that your toilet is not a trashcan. Be mindful of what goes into your toilet because it can cause substantial damage to your plumbing.

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