How to Get Rid of the Sewer Smell from Your House ASAP

A man in a white shirt covering his nose due to the bad smell.

Do you notice how your toilet starts stinking when there’s backflow in the toilet bowl? It’s the sewer gas emanating from the unflushed waste that stinks up the entire house.

The noxious mix of substances decaying in the sewer waste release Hydrogen Sulfide, Methane, and Ammonia. It is these gases combined that make your drains smell like open defecation.

It’s a sharp, pungent smell that’s not only unpleasant to breathe in but also a risk to your physical wellbeing. Inhaling too hard can cause poisoning, asphyxiation, and even headaches. Excess quantity of the sewer gas can even become flammable!

Nobody likes it when their house smells like shit just before the Halloween party. Here’s how you can avoid it with plumbing repairs.

Keep the House Traps filled with Water

Traditionally, house traps eliminated the risk of sewer gas spreading throughout the home atmosphere. They are commonly situated under sinks, toilets, or on the floor or walls. As long as the water keeps the waste trapped, the sewer gas cannot escape and flood inside the house. However, the water may evaporate soon in hot weather. It helps to pour a few spoons of vegetable oil on top to slow down the evaporation process.

Unclog the Drains

Sewer gases build up inside drains when the waste is rotting in the pipelines instead of draining into the main sewer drains. This can build-up inside drainpipes and clog the passage as well. You need to clean the gunk and debris before it turns into a bigger plumbing problem. Call professionals to unclog your drains, and stay on top of the drain maintenance to prevent that in the future.

Fasten Loose Connections on Vent Pipes

Loose connections along the sewer can also expose openings that release the gases inside the house. The vent pipes or sewer lines are concealed behind walls or in ceilings, so it’ll be hard to locate the source of the smell. You’d need professional plumbers to inspect the problem because it can be repaired. Fastening the connections can help seal the gaps and clear the air of the pungent stench.

Proper Ventilation

Sewer gases start crowding toilets when there’s not enough ventilation. Slow drains may take time to flush waste out of the drainpipes, and in that while, feces can disintegrate into foul odors. You need an outlet for the air and an exhaust fan to extract the unhygienic smells from the toilet and release them outdoors.

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