Plumbing leaks are one of the more serious plumbing issues that arise in homes. It’s a common concern and gets worse the longer it takes to get fixed. Even a minute pinhole leak can destroy the drywall and increase your utility bills and waste a significant amount of water.

Unlike other plumbing issues, leaks present a unique problem, locating the source of the leak. Most pipe leaks are difficult to detect and locate in a home. The expertise of an experienced plumber is required to detect a leak.

Here are some techniques used by professionals to detect leaks:

Listening devices

Plumbers use a number of devices to help them locate the source of a leak. A ground microphone and listening discs are effective in determining where a leak is. Such equipment picks up on the slightest noise of water escaping or dripping even through a layer of concrete.

Heat scanner

If the area being inspected is too noisy to use a listening device, heat scanners are used instead. These scanners pick up on temperature changes since leaks cause a change in temperature.

Video inspection

The most precise leak detection is done with a tiny camera that’s used for plumbing repairs in particular. Such cameras are mounted on fiber optic cables. The camera is put down the pipe to inspect it and locate any damage in the form of cracks. Video inspection also provides additional information that helps with repairing the leak.


Professional training and experience over the years also plays a vital role in detecting pipe leaks. Plumbers check all the obvious spots for a pipe leak first. They can narrow down the search area without much equipment too.

Water meter tests

Testing the water meter in a home is a decisive way to determine whether or not there’s a leak. This test requires noting down the water consumption level before the diagnosis, and then after shutting off all the water-consuming fixtures in the home. If the water meter detects water consumption, there’s a leak somewhere along the system.

The next step is to determine whether this leak is in the house or outdoors. Shut off the main water supply to the home. Assess the valve after 20 minutes, if the meter is still moving, there’s most likely an irrigation leak outside your home. A plumber will be able to correctly identify the location of this leak.

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