Whether it’s your kitchen sink or your bathroom, leaking faucets can be quite annoying. Leaking faucets waste 3000 gallons of water each year, that’s equivalent to 180 showers! Leaks can develop within the sink’s pipes too, which also add to water wastage.

Here are some common sink problems that should be addressed immediately:

Clogged drain

Bathroom and kitchen sinks are prone to clogging since they are exposed to many types of debris. Use a chemical agent to remove such clogs or use baking soda, boiling water, and vinegar to help, if these remedies don’t work, call in a professional to remove the clog with a drain snake.

Leaking faucet

Leaking faucets are often ignored in homes. The issue often goes unnoticed until homeowners see a sharp increase in their utility bills.

Sediment build up can cause a leaky faucet. Inspect the aerator by unscrewing it. If you cannot manage to solve the issue, you will need the expertise of a professional.

Slow draining sink

We’ve all experienced a slow draining sink at some point. This is generally an indication of an obstruction along the way that doesn’t allow the water to drain quickly. Ignoring such an issue eventually leads to a clogged sink which requires the attention of a professional.

To keep your sink clog free, make sure no strands of hair and oil-based skincare products go down the drain. Use drain friendly cleaners that will get rid of minor clogs without affecting your home’s pipes.

Kitchen drains in particular face this issue, especially if homeowners aren’t careful of what they drain into the sink. Grease of any kind solidifies within the pipes, reducing their capacity. Never drain any form of grease down a pipe, to preserve your home’s plumbing.

Leaking pipes

It isn’t necessary that leaking faucets are the only leak that can develop in the sink. Often the pipe work of the sink is the problem too. Pipes that haven’t been installed properly tend to develop leaks due to joints that haven’t been tightened. Poor quality pipes also tend to develop leaks easily when they can’t handle the pressure of the water.

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