How Can I Make My Plumbing Pipes Last Longer?

Your home’s plumbing is operational all day long. With water flowing continuously through the pipes, they can get worn out over time. Moreover, several other elements, such as the weather, also affect your home’s pipes!

You can’t stop the wear and tear, but there are steps you can take to slow the process down. Here are some top tips for sustaining your home’s plumbing for longer.

Monitor water pressure

Increased and unchecked water pressure can take a toll on your pipes. High pressure can cause the pipes to rupture, causing damage to the walls and the house at large.

To make sure your pipes don’t succumb to this pressure, make sure to regularly monitor your water pressure. Maintain water pressure between 40–80 psi. Installing a pressure regulator or water gauge can help you monitor and regulate pressure.

Don’t ignore leaks

Leaky pipes may not worry you right now, but they should. Continuous dripping doesn’t just damage your walls, but also wears down the plumbing. Failing to get such leaks repaired can lead to even more expensive plumbing pipe repairs down the line.

Avoid chemical cleaners

Chemical cleaners are popular DIY methods of unclogging drains and getting rid of blockages. But these cleaners also eat away at your pipes. Frequent use of chemicals can corrode the pipes, causing rust build up and even burst water pipes.

Prevent drain clogs

Clogs lead to mounting water pressure inside the pipes. Luckily, some clogs can be easily avoided by adopting better habits.

For example, despite what people say, it’s not wise to flush your ‘flushable’ wipes. Avoid flushing down hair and toilet paper as well, to prevent your drains from clogging.

Also be careful about what you flush down your kitchen sink. Use a strainer to prevent these items from going down the drain.

Fix slow drainage issues

Slow drainage indicates blockages in your pipes. Ignoring them can lead to bigger problems later—increased pressure, burst pipes, etc.

Regularly clean out slow drains to regulate the flow and pressure of water in the pipes to save them from excess pressure buildup.

Regular professional maintenance

Regularly cleaning and maintaining drains by hiring a professional plumber can help prolong the life of your home’s plumbing. Maintenance will help remove any clogs in the pipes and will clean them methodically without using damaging chemicals.

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