4 Commercial Bathroom Upgrades for Reopening Offices

As offices and commercial offices reopen post-COVID-19 lockdown, they will have to remodel their interior spaces to create a safe working environment. And while it may be possible to make the main workspace safe, public bathrooms will prove to be more difficult.

Public bathrooms have always been a significant cause for concern for germophobes, but their fears are even more valid now.

Studies indicate that COVID-19 can spread through aerosol and fecal matter. This will require offices to remodel bathrooms to limit and minimize the risk of infection.

We’ve compiled a list of suggested upgrades that’ll help make your workplace safer and healthier to prevent this:

Touchless faucets

Taps are a hotspot for germs. With so many people touching them, wiping them clean after each use will be impossible.

Touchless faucets work using sensors. Water flows when sensors detect movement around the base of the tap. With no contact, these faucets minimize the risk of transferring infections and viruses.

Touchless toilets

Touchless toilets are already in everyday use in public places. These toilets flush automatically without the user having to come in contact with a button or lever.

Studies also indicate that coronavirus strains can be found in the fecal matter of infected persons. Flushing without closing the toilet lids can contaminate the air through aerosol. Shower toilets can limit this aerosol contamination. These toilets flush automatically after the lid is closed. They also use an antibacterial wash to coat the toilet’s surface, saving it from becoming a hotspot for germs.

Install paper towel dispensers

Air dryers in the bathroom can be possible fomites that aid the spread of the virus. You could replace them with paper towel dispensers. This will limit contact with germs and is a much safer option.

You could also opt for sanitizer dispensers that work using sensors to ensure hands are disinfected properly and regularly.

Automatic doors

Bathroom door handles are considered to be some of the dirtiest touchpoints in any workplace. Many people prefer not to touch the handle. With automatic doors, you can do away with the risk of germs from bathroom handles. These doors use sensors to open.


With sewage and bathrooms being possible modes of virus transmission, regular maintenance is a must. We, at Pro Serve Plumbing, can provide you with all the plumbing services you need to keep your Fort Worth offices safe and hygienic.

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