Cracks & Patches — How to Identify a Slab Leak

Cracks & Patches — How to Identify a Slab Leak

Did you know that leaks waste 1 trillion gallons of water every year? That’s right. It’s the equivalent of the annual water supply for 11 million homes.

Household leaks are common and sometimes inevitable. They can occur out of nowhere and can turn into a disaster if left unattended. Some leaks are simple and easy to fix; others may get complicated and result in a pipe burst.

A slab leak is a pipeline leak that occurs under a concrete floor. These leaks aren’t hard to find but can cause a lot of damage to your property. Detecting a slab leak in time can save you from a lot of hassle and monetary wastage.

Are you ready to chase a slab leak? The following signs can help you detect it quickly to get the necessary help.

Wet Floor:

If you see water pooling around your tiles, it’s a sure-fire sign of a slab leak. The water from the broken or leaking pipe will penetrate your flooring and start to accumulate indicating you need an urgent plumbing fixture. Such a situation can ruin your flooring, thereby increasing your repair expenses. Lookout for water pools at places where it shouldn’t be, like around your toilet or your kitchen floor.

A Spike in the Water Bill:

An increase in the water bill without any visible cause is a clear sign that there’s a hidden leak at your place that needs to be taken care of at once. Slab leaks occur under the flooring; therefore, it can get tricky to identify them at times.

Monitor your utility bill to detect any change at an early stage. If there’s no change in your monthly water consumption, consider a plumbing inspection in your home.

Water Running Underneath the Floor:

If you hear a hissing sound under your flooring, don’t panic. Your ears aren’t ringing. It’s probably the sound of water escaping the pipelines underneath the concrete. If all the faucets are turned off and you still hear the sound of running water, call a plumber immediately to inspect the area.

Low Water Pressure:

A leak usually results in constant water wastage, which affects the overall flow of water in the pipes. If the water pressure decreases significantly, the supply might seem unstable. If you face a similar situation and you see no visible cause, it’s most likely a slab leak.

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