4 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Stinks

Kitchen pipes have to go through a lot. From greasy residue to food wastage, there’s a lot that goes down the drain every day. So if your kitchen smells terrible, taking out the trash might not necessarily help. Even the good ol’ air freshener is ineffective if the problem lies in your plumbing system. Therefore, it’s impossible to avoid regular plumbing issues, some of which leave your kitchen smelling like rotten eggs.

Knowing what causes the bad smell can help you tackle the situation. Here are some main reasons why your kitchen smells off.

1. Your Kitchen Drain is Clogged:

The first sign of a clogged drain is a bad odor. If the smell is followed slow drainage, check the pipe underneath the sink. It’s where most of the waste substance is accumulated while you clean the dishes.

Food particles often get stuck in the drainage pipe and rot there until removed by a professional. This rotting is the main reason for the foul smell. To avoid this situation, make sure solid waste is thrown out before you wash the dishes.

2. Garbage Disposal isn’t Working:

Your garbage disposal is probably your most trusted companion in the kitchen. It allows proper disposal of food waste and helps you maintain a clean kitchen environment. If your garbage disposal isn’t working properly, it’ll probably start smelling bad.

However, there’s no need to panic. A malfunction can occur due to trapped food particles in the blades or under the lid of the garbage disposal. With proper maintenance, the issue can be avoided altogether.

3. Grease Around the Sink:

Your sink needs to be cleaned thoroughly after you do the dishes. The oil and grease from the food is sometimes hard to get rid of. The grease gets stuck around the sink and breaks down over time, producing a pungent smell that spreads quickly. In this case, the water flows properly but the sink still stinks.

Refrain from pouring greasy emulsions down the sink. Clean your sink with a proper detergent and cleaning brushes to avoid this problem.

4. Blockage in the Main Sewer Line:

If your sewer lines are blocked, you may experience a musty smell all around your house, including the kitchen. Sewer gas is produced as a result of the decomposition of human waste. If the main sewer line is clogged, the contaminated water will accumulate in the pipelines, giving off a bad smell through the plumbing openings, including your sink.

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