Common Signs That You Need Drain Cleaning

A kitchen sink filling with water

Periodically examining your plumbing for problems isn’t the most adventurous of tasks, but it’s essential. You don’t need to go out of your way since you’ll likely run into some signs of clogged drains while using a faucet, toilet, etc. If you suspect clogged drains, don’t immediately use a chemical drain cleaner: they can harm you and your plumbing. Instead, contact a plumber to get your drains cleaned if you see any of the following signs.

Slow Drainage

Though many things can cause slow drainage, the perpetrator is almost always a clogged drain. Many things can accumulate in your drains and create bottlenecks. For instance, hair can accumulate and block your showers drains. In kitchens, disposing of food down the drain can also lead to clogging. Chemical drain cleaners will typically dissolve these substances away, but they’ll also damage your pipes and release toxic fumes. Instead, opt for an organic drain cleaner or contract a plumber’s services.

Localized Clogs

Water being drained in a sink

Slow drainage means there’s still space for waste to flow through your pipes. A clog, in contrast, means w

ater and waste will not drain. A clog once in a while can be solved with a plunger or cleaner.

However, if you’re experiencing frequent clogs, it means the plunger or cleaner isn’t doing the job. In essence, whatever’s blocking your pipes is more stubborn than what a plunger or cleaner can handle.

If you’re facing frequent clogs despite your attempts to unclog the drain, you need to get your drains cleaned.

Multiple Clogs

Singular clogs mean there’s an issue with a particular pipe. However, multiple clogs mean there’s a larger plumbing issue at play, such as a sewer line problem.

Firstly, taking too long to address this can lead to sewage backup and all sorts of health issues and property damages. Secondly, you’ll need a plumber to get your sewer line cleaned; cleaners and plungers are going to do the job.

Unpleasant Odors

Food is a common cause of drain blockages, and it can release unpleasant smells after it begins rotting. If you smell something strange every time you entire your bathroom, it could mean that there’s waste in your pipes that hasn’t drained away yet. You could try using a cleaner or plunger to dislodge the waste, but call a plumber if that doesn’t work.

If you notice any of these signs, it means your drains or sewer line needs to be cleaned. Get in touch with us at Pro Serve Plumbing for our trenchless sewer line repair and drain cleaning services in Texas. We provide our services in Arlington, Bedford, Mansford, and Fort Worth. Contact us to pre-empt the headaches, health issues, and property damage that follows plumbing issues.