Common Plumbing Problems That Occur in Offices and Workplaces

Bathrooms in workplaces are used all through the day by multiple people, which can lead to issues and damage.

Bathrooms in offices, workplaces, and other shared commercial spaces see traffic all through the day. Given that people spend a large chunk of their day at work, it’s unsurprising that their bathroom usage is also frequent—but what happens when there’s an issue?

While offering commercial plumbing services in Fort Worth, we come across a range of problems that commonly occur in workplaces and offices. Some of them include:

Leaky faucets

Leaky faucets aren’t just an aesthetic problem; they end up wasting hundreds of thousands of gallons of water when left unaddressed. Faucets in commercial and public bathrooms are sometimes used even more than toilets, so the water wastage is incredible. If your faucet runs for an additional few seconds or never stops leaking because it’s in constant use, you need to call in a professional plumber.


Drains, sinks, toilets can all end up getting clogged. Whether it’s from use or it’s from misuse (dumping paper towels, toilet paper, tampons etc.), toilets and drains can often stop functioning as required. These clogs can lead to overflows and floods, and general discomfort during use, and be quite an unpleasant experience.

Running toilets

Like leaky faucets, leaky and running toilets are another common problem that people don’t pay enough attention to. But even more than faucets, these toilets can waste a ton of water because of the sheer amount; if you feel like your toilet is always flushing or can hear running, swooshing, or even splashing sounds, you need to get them fixed ASAP.

Urinals, toilets, sinks, faucets are all some of the most commonly affected parts of a shared bathroom.

Other types of leaks

Your bathroom can also have other, more silent and less noticeable leaks such as in the pipes or drains. Hearing water running when there is none, puddles forming, wet pools by the sink or toilet, water dripping from the ceilings or walls are all some of the most common indicators of leaks and require professional intervention in order to detect the source.

Sewage backups

What could be worse than a toilet that’s backed up? Or constantly smelly, stinky bathrooms? Not only will they drive away customers, visitors and guests, but generally upset employees and make your bathrooms unpleasant. Not to mention the potential damage to your property and premises that can take place as a result of this. Sewage lines can get backed up quite easily, especially in commercial bathrooms where several people use them, which is why it’s crucial that you pay attention to any smells or issues with flushing.

Water pressure and temperature

Last but not least, issues with pressure and temperature are also quite common. Your water heaters require maintenance, and so do your drains and pipes that are prone to sediment buildup. Both issues require checks and interventions such as aeration and adjustment.


If your office or workplace, be it a store, restaurant, or any other public bathroom, is facing the issues above, get in touch with us for affordable commercial plumbing. We’re happy to help!