Common Plumbing Issues in Fort Worth during Hot Weather


Common Plumbing Issues in Fort Worth during Hot Weather

Winter can be quite hard on residential plumbing systems. Most people are aware of the plumbing issues relating to cold weather such as frozen pipes and burst water lines. However, hot summer weather can also have negative and adverse effects on the plumbing of your home in Fort Worth.

Here are some common summer plumbing issues you should keep an eye out for:


Water Leaks:

Water bills spike during the summer months due to excessive usage in the form of sprinklers, pools, garden hoses, etc. Due to the rigorous workout, the water lines get during these months, they can wear out causing leaks to spring up in unexpected places. Hidden leaks or drips can add up the amount of wasted water increasing your already inflated water bill.


Clogged Drains:

Drain and garbage disposal systems get more of a workout during the hot summer months as a result of cookouts, summer parties, and picnics in Texas. A lot of people don’t clean their disposal systems regularly and often put all types of foods down there which is not meant to be disposed of this way. Consequently, the disposal is clogged with excessive food waste. Some foods such as rice, bread, and fibrous vegetable tend to retain water leading to stubborn blockages.

To prevent this problem, it’s always a good idea to avoid putting too much stuff down the garbage disposal system. Another trick is to run lukewarm or cold water during the use of the system and to clean it after each use.


Damaged Pipes:

Certain elements of the summer months can cause serious damage to the plumbing lines. Rainfall and growth of different plants and fungi can create a blockage in the sewer lines causing a buildup of pressure. This buildup eventually leads to cracks in the pipes causing disastrous leaks.

UV rays on exposed plumbing pipes can also cause extensive damage such as warping, bending, and cracking. The ideal solution would be to make sure the piping is placed inside the walls. In case plumbing is exposed, it needs to be covered with appropriate insulation to protect it during those sunny days!

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