Three Situations That Call For an Emergency Plumbing Service

Plumbing is one of the key aspects of structurally sound construction. Where roofing and flooring ensure your safety and quality of life, plumbing is integral to a running supply of clean water.


Foundation Damages and Concrete Slab Leaks: How Does a Leak Damage Your Foundation

Leaking pipes, bent walls, cracked glasses and uneven floors are commonplace if you don’t get your foundations routinely inspected.


The Risks of Leaking Pipes to Your Electrical Systems

Leaky pipes are one of the leading causes for electrical problems across both residential and commercial properties. Statistics indicate that 51,000 cases of electrical fires were reported in the previous year—accounting for 500 death, 1400 injuries and $1.3 billion dollars worth of damages.


What Scaling Means for Your Fort Worth Water Heater

Fort Worth homes get their municipal water from six water sources, including Eagle Mountain Lake, Cedar Creek, Lake Bridgeport, Lake Worth, Benbrook Lake, and Richland-Chambers Reservoir.


Help Me Please, My Water Heater is Leaking!

Drip, drip goes your water heater on the floor. It has been damaging your walls, floors and sub-floors… Oh darn, it has now even got mold and mildew involved!


3 Situations That Call For Emergency Plumbing Services

Having an emergency plumber on speed-dial can save you a lot of hassle—and costs. Not only can they control sewage water from wreaking havoc in your home, but they also help you take control of the situation before it worsens. A plumbing company that offers its services 24 hours a day is a rare commodity. […]


Broken Pipes and the Hazards They Pose

Your plumbing system is an important aspect of the overall infrastructure of your house. Any damage to the pipes has ripple effects throughout the house, and can significantly affect the functioning of other fixtures, like the faucets and pressure valves. While most pipe issues are easy to fix, a burst pipe poses a lot of […]


Re-piping 101: How it Works

Plumbing pipes are built to last, but not forever. Years or even decade’s worth of wear and tear weakens your home’s plumbing system and leaves it increasingly prone to damages. Occasional plumbing problems are a normal part of life and can be rectified by contacting qualified plumbers. However, if the problems persist or become extensive, […]


Is Re-piping your Whole House a Good Idea?

Like all things, plumbing pipes also undergo wear and tear and need repairs from time to time. These repairs counteract the effects of corrosion, rust, and decay but there comes a point when the pipes are unable to function properly. At this point, the risk of floods or severe water damages greatly increases and places […]


Need to Replace an Old Sewer Line? Here’s What You Need to Know

The idea of replacing your sewer line is not fun at all. However, many of the homes we live in are old. That means they have old sewer lines. All piping ages and your sewer line is no different. It is used consistently every single day with all manner of waste material sent through. Your […]