A Comprehensive Plumbing Checklist for Your Fort Worth Home

A Comprehensive Plumbing Checklist for Your Fort Worth Home

An efficient and safe plumbing system can add as much as 15% more value to your house!

Despite this, when it comes to residential plumbing maintenance, homeowners often delay the process. A proper plumbing system is imperative if you want to maintain a constant supply of potable water in your faucets and smooth sewage disposal.

Maintaining your home’s plumbing system involves checking for leaky, broken, rusty, and malfunctioning fixtures and fittings. These routine inspections and repairs help you save on energy costs and reduce maintenance costs.

Go through this checklist for a comprehensive home plumbing inspection guide.

Hot Water System

Your hot water system accounts for 17% of your total energy bill, so you need to make sure it’s running efficiently.

Checking the hot water system includes inspecting the anode rods, temperature knobs, pressure relief valves, and the water flow to and from the heater.

Moreover, flush out the heater’s tank once a year to get rid of any sediment accumulation. If you own a tankless water heater, install an in-line filter to prevent mineral buildup.

Sewer System

Clogged & dirty sewer lines are a leading cause of health problems. Common problems that indicate a faulty sewer system include stagnant water in drains, a lot of fruit flies, a foul odor, water pooling in your backyard, gurgling noises in toilets, and mold on the walls.

Roof & Gutters

Keep your roof clean by removing debris and fallen leaves, as they can get stuck in the water outlets, allowing water pooling on the rooftop. Moreover, inspect the gutter lines for clogs to ensure the smooth passage of stormwater.

Kitchen Plumbing

Your kitchen sink faucet lets out approx. 4 to 8 liters of water per minute. Moreover, the average American family wastes around 180 gallons of water per year! Water scarcity is increasing by the day, and therefore, you need to play your part in curbing it.

Regularly inspecting leaky faucets, dishwashers, clogged drain traps, and sewer lines in the kitchen will prevent water leaks and wastage.

Bathroom & Toilet Inspection

Maintaining the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom involves inspecting leaky faucets, cleaning showerheads, unclogging slow drains, plunging the toilet, checking water pressure, and checking for any signs of rust or brittleness on the pipes.

Seepage and Mold

Insufficient and low-quality waterproofing leads to hollowness in tiles and walls where mold and bacteria can grow—this could be a significant threat to your property and requires immediate action.

Energy Bills

Keep an eye on your energy bills. If you detect a sudden surge, check for leakages in your home’s pipes. Carefully inspect the faucets and exposed fixtures or seek professional plumbers’ assistance for a quick inspection.

Professional Inspection & Maintenance Service

While you might be able to carry out repairs for small issues around the house, it’s best to leave routine inspection and major plumbing issues to the professionals. Pro Serve Plumbing offers superior plumbing repair and replacement services in Fort Worth, TX.

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