The most minor of plumbing problems in commercial settings can have a serious impact on a larger scale than in homes. Since commercial buildings receive more traffic, the plumbing systems need to be functional at all times. Be it the toilet drains or the kitchen sinks, commercial businesses can’t afford plumbing problems on a business day.

But there are some unavoidable plumbing problems that often come up without warning. Keep our number on your speed dial so that you know what to do when something of the sort happens.

Faucet Leaks

Don’t let yourself become immune to the dripping noise of a leaking faucet. This is a pervasive plumbing problem that can waste 3000 gallons of water every year. Imagine draining water that’s enough to suffice 180 showers on average!

This is not just a common problem in homes but also in commercial buildings where water consumption is even greater. Ignoring this problem can also lead to major health issues like mold growth, since the moisture content increases in the environment. Act before it affects any person in the building and costs more to your business than just plumbing repairs.

Drain clogs

Commercial restrooms often experience drainage issues that can become a major nuisance when up to 15 people use a single toilet. Maintaining cleanliness in commercial restrooms is also harder because they receive a lot of traffic and it’s hard to track debris that can clog the drains.

The problem is not restricted to the toilets when a company’s reputation is at stake. Unimpressive plumbing systems and clogged drains can mar the presentation of your building and your business. Get them unclogged before they clog your profits.

Running Toilets

It’s not a welcome sight to walk into a restroom that has a dysfunctional flushing system. Running toilets can make it difficult to drain after using the toilet, and also waste immense amounts of water. Your toilet needs the attention of a professional plumber if this is has been a regular problem.

Broken Toilet Handles

Toilets that don’t flush can be an eyesore and hygiene risk for people who use the same restrooms. A major reason why your toilet won’t flush is because of broken toilet handles. While a handle system may work in homes where there are fewer users, it hardly works durably in commercial buildings. You need a permanent solution for toilets that don’t flush because the maintenance can be costly.

Sewer Stink

A sewage clog in commercial buildings can release unpleasant odors that are an unwelcome interruption on a workday. Such problems are unbearable for people in the building because they seriously deteriorate working conditions. You need an immediate fix for sewer smells and commercial plumbing contractors can help.

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