Have you noticed water pressure decrease suddenly in your home? It might be due to a water leak. Water leaks are an inevitable problem in every household. Most of them are hidden and the others emerge out of the most unexpected places. You must look for them and get them fixed as they are one of the main reasons behind water wastage.

Read ahead to identify what causes these leaks!

Clogged Drains

You need to be careful with what goes down your drains. Hair strands, dirt, feminine hygiene products, dental floss, and other materials cause the drains to get blocked at a certain point. The clog builds pressure in the pipes and causes them to overflow, leading to cracks and leakage.

Poor Installation

If amateur plumbers have installed your pipes, they would loosen over time. If they used a low-quality material, it might corrode prematurely. You must always get your water lines installed and repaired by professional plumbing services to avoid these problems.

Loose Pipe Joints

Pipe joints need to be maintained regularly. If you are buying an old house, you should inspect all pipe joints as they tend to weaken with time. As these pipes are hidden underground or inside the walls, the water seeps into the concrete structure and ruins the walls.

Increase in Water Pressure

When you notice that the water pressure has increased unexpectedly, you should call a plumber and get your main water line inspected. Regular plumbing pipes are not designed to withstand the sudden increase in pressure. The water might seep into the walls and slabs, leading to costly repairs.

Tree Roots

Invasive roots from trees growing near plumbing pipes can often make their way into the pipes. The resultant cracks and fractures in pipes can cause leaks.

Water leaks can be tricky to identify, and they should be fixed as early as possible to minimize damage. By understanding the symptoms and calling an experienced plumber, you can save your house from costly repairs later on. You can call us to inspect your faulty plumbing and give you a free estimate for everything from kitchen plumbing to drain cleaning in Fort Worth.