4 Pro Tips For Clean Drains This Holiday Season

Holiday season is officially underway and getting your home holiday-ready is at the top of everyone’s to-do list. Most people would think that simply means cleaning the house and getting up the decorations, but there’s something you’re forgetting—your drains.

The last thing you want is clogged drains when your guests are over. Apart from completely ruining your holiday party, they’ll also cost you money that you’d rather spend on holiday gifts.

Here’s how to keep your drains clean like a pro this holiday season.

Use Drain Screens

A drain screen or sink strainer is a kind of perforated metal mesh or sieve that’s used to filter out solid debris from entering the drainage system.

Make sure they’re installed in every drain in your house. That means you need to place them in your kitchen sink where food residue can get trapped in the drain, and your shower and bathtub drains where hair can get accumulate.

Take Care of Mineral Buildup around Faucets

Mineral or calcium buildup around faucets and fixtures is very common in homes where the hardness of the water supply is higher than usual. Mineral deposits will disrupt the flow of water and eventually lead to clogging.

Moreover, unchecked mineral buildup is one of the main causes for irreparable damage to faucets. Not only will you have to deal with clogged drains, you’ll end up having to replace your faucet as well.

Keep Water Running When Using the Garbage Disposal

Having guests over for the holidays means your garbage disposal is going to be working more than it usually does.

Always—and we cannot stress this enough—keep cold water running when your garbage disposal is in use. This will prevent any oils and grease that snaked down your drain from congealing and clogging it up.

This leads us to the next point.

Keep Oils and Grease Out of Your Drains

You’ll be cooking overtime for your guests and family during the holiday season. This means that you’ll have to deal with excess oils and grease. You may be tempted to simply let the grease go down your drains—don’t.

Oils, grease, and fats can cause serious and irreparable damage to your drain pipes. Not to mention, they’ll clog them up before that even happens.

Instead, let the oil and grease cool down before placing them in sealed containers or garbage bags before disposing them in the trash.

If despite all your precautions and preventative measures during the holiday season, you find that your drains have clogged or your garbage disposal needs repair, get in touch with us.

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