4 Causes Of Slab Leaks That Every Homeowner Should Know

The romance between residential clients and plumbing professionals is a tale as old as time.


While homeowners say:

It’s a new day it’s a new plan
I’ve been waiting for you
Here I am

Plumbers, devotedly, respond:

Here we are we’ve just begun
And after all this time our time has come
Here we are still going strong
Right here in the place where we belong


But maybe it’s time for old romances to end and new love stories to begin!

Because, honestly, it hasn’t been going well between these two lovers.

The love story has been riddled with slab leak tragedies. And you just can’t go on anymore. You need professionals who can detect the cause of these slab leaks and mend it once and for all. Professionals like us.

Here are some possible reasons why you’re dealing with so many slab leaks.

Poor Installation and Pre-Damage

This might come as a surprise to you, but there are all kinds of unscrupulous characters in the plumbing business. It’s quite possible that one of them snuck in a faulty foundation to make sure you call them again for when it’s time to repair it.

Making money is all they care about. But not us.

We want you to contact us for plumbing emergencies, yes. But ideally, this shouldn’t be very often. This is why we make sure our installation services meet quality standards.

Slab leaks are often the consequence of pipes that get damaged during construction. Therefore, it’s the job of the plumber to detect any damage early on and render proper installation with sturdy materials.

Shift in Foundations

Even relatively minor earthquakes aren’t to be taken lightly. Even if they don’t cause major destruction to property and harm to lives, they can shake the foundation of a house.

Concrete doesn’t take well to such movements. The damage doesn’t necessarily have to be the complete decimation of buildings; it can begin small and grow over time.

A shift or movement can cause plumbing pipes to shift, leading to undue pressure. Excessive pressure may cause permanent damage. This is why you might be experiencing slab leaks.

A good rule of thumb is to call us over for an inspection if there has been any natural calamity.


With the passage of time, water can cause pipes to expand and contract as it flows through them. This can mean bad news for homeowners if the foundation of their home wasn’t laid securely. The expansion of pipes means that they occupy more space and need appropriate amounts of room to fit.

This is where installation errors come in. If pipes have been placed close to concrete or gravel or fitted close to other pipes, expansion can cause unwanted contact between these surfaces.

The constant rubbing can wear down the material of the pipes and leave behind permanent damage. This is why your pipes need to be installed far apart from each other, allowing for sufficient space for expansion.


Underground piping networks are unavoidably laid close to the soil. Since soil contains moisture and oxygen that can cause metal pipes to oxidize and corrode over time.

This is the primary reason why copper pipes aren’t preferred over plastic ones, because there’s a threat of rusting damage. A trusted plumber will always advise against copper pipes. This is why we recommend our reliable professionals for the job!

Therefore, if you’ve been experiencing water slab leaks in Fort Worth and need experts to detect and repair, call us.