What to Check during a Commercial Plumbing Inspection

Building your own business empire is not an easy feat. There are financial ratios to be taken care of, employees to be hired, and competition to beat. You also need to make sure your business facility is well-maintained and up to the mark.

A professional plumber can help you do that!

Now that the New Year is right around the corner, how about you get a commercial inspection done as a New Year resolution?

Here are some of the aspects of it that your inspection ought to cover:

Check drains

If you’re running a hotel, a fast-food chain, or a megastore, customer experience matters far more than anything else does! If your customer takes a shower in the hotel bathroom and finds out that the shower drains are clogged, they’ll naturally be annoyed—all your efforts towards creating and maintaining that reputation will go down the drain! As a business owner, you can definitely not afford to let a customer go like this.

Drains aren’t limited to the bathroom. If the kitchen sink drain is blocked, water flow will be affected. This would mean that you can’t wash the dishes, which could lead to delays in serving hungry customers!

During a commercial plumbing inspection, the expert will test all the drains for a flow rate. If a drain is slow or clogged, it might need to be hydro-jetted. The process clears up drains and pipes far more effectively, compared to snaking and are chemical-free—this means little damage for the pipes.

Water pressure

A drop in the water pressure of your commercial facility could be a result of a number of reasons. Either there’s something wrong with the municipal source or the line or there’s a large leak somewhere in the plumbing system.

It could also be indicative of a problem with the booster pump. A booster pump is located right before the main pump and its job is to maximize the water flow. Most commercial buildings need booster pumps because the plumbing systems are huge and the faucets are far away from the main line. These pumps even out the water pressure and ensure that even the farthest point gets the same amount of water as the one closest to the main line.

The booster pump is highly susceptible to wear and tear. If you haven’t been getting it serviced, debris can get accumulated in the seals and they may eventually come off. Only a professional plumber can tell whether the cause of the low water pressure originates from the pump.

Signs of corrosion

Signs of corrosion can be both visible and non-visible. In most cases, corrosion indicates that the pipes are nearing the end of their lifespan and must be replaced immediately. Corrosion takes place if the surface of the metallic pipes reacts with air and water and become rusty. If corroded pipes go unnoticed for a long time, the pipes might eventually burst and this may cause significant damage.

Corroded pipes are also incredibly dangerous for your health. Corroded pipes can possibly result in huge amounts of vinyl chloride in your drinking water. Corrosive water is highly acidic in nature and can often be seen in the form of red stains in the washroom sinks.

As a business owner whose priority is cost-cutting, you can’t afford to pay too much for the costly repairs. It’s always better to pay for the replacement pipes than for the destruction they’ll cause if they burst open.

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