3 Tips to Maintain Drains in a Commercial Kitchen

3 Tips to Maintain Drains in a Commercial Kitchen

A 2018 research report by Nielsen found that there was a significant increase in the number of people who were dining out, largely due to its convenience. And while it’s easy to assume that restaurant owners are benefiting from this trend, with more customers come more challenges.

The biggest problem is managing a flood of customers efficiently. If, for instance, the kitchen drain gets clogged in the middle of the rush, the entire service will come to a halt!

To keep your business running and prevent your commercial kitchen from experiencing clogged drains, here are three effective tips for maintaining them.

Ask Employees to Scrape Dishes Before Washing Them

Oily gravy and creamy sauces are the leading causes of fatty build-up in your kitchen drains. To prevent this, ask employees to scrape dishes before washing them in the sink or putting them in the dishwasher.  It’s also useful to use absorbent cleaning wipes to clean oil and other sticky substances.

Throw Food Trash in the Dustbin

Food leftovers are an even bigger monster than oil on your plates. The particles are larger and can get easily stuck in the drain. Incentivize throwing food residue in the trash before taking the dishes to the sink so that more employees do it—even when you’re not watching.

Use a Mixture of Boiled Water and Vinegar to Clean the Sink

When you’re dealing with so many customers, and cooking a large variety of food, it’s impossible to keep your sink from getting greasy and oily entirely. You may wash the dishes with care, but you can’t help it when many customers are waiting outside for their food.

For precautionary measures, clean your sinks by pouring down a mixture of hot boiling water and vinegar regularly. This will melt down any fatty build-up and clear any other debris that can potentially clog the drains.

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