Why is My Drain Clogged?

Who hasn’t dealt with a clogged drain? It’s one of the most common plumbing problems in American households, but it also happens to be the most gross! No one wants to tend to it, even if it’s your own hair that’s clogging the drain.

But what if hair isn’t the reason the water won’t go down the drain? What if the situation is a lot more dire? Here are a few reasons why your clogged drain might need the services of a professional, licensed plumbing company.

Hair now, gone tomorrow

The most common cause of drainage blockages is hair getting caught in the pipes. Hair can cling to grease and make hairballs, clogging drains indefinitely.

How to prevent this: Make sure you have a hair guard on your drains to collect any hair. This will make sure that hair strands don’t make their way to the drain, allowing you to collect and dispose of them as the need arises. However, sometimes, even if you have prevention techniques in place or you have an efficient plumbing system, your drains can still get clogged. The key is to seek professional services as soon as you detect the issue, or a simple clogged drain can turn into a bigger mess!

Soap Surprise

Not a lot of people are aware of this, but soap is actually made of grease and other fatty substances. proserveplumbersUnless you use organically made soap, the fat in conventional soap bars combines with minerals and makes soap scum, which can clog the pipes.

How to prevent this: Stop using commercially-made soap or call reliable plumbing services to get the pipes pressure cleaned to get rid of buildup.

Food waste

If you don’t know how to dispose of food waste properly, you might be causing your drain pipes to clog repeatedly. Even if you have a garbage disposal in your sink, you should avoid disposing of food in the sink. Be especially mindful of tea leaves or coffee grounds, which are not easily dissolvable. Most foods also contain grease or oil, and in this case, you should wipe down the grease with paper towels which you can discard later.

How to prevent this: Set up a food compost pile where you can collect food waste and make use of it in gardening.

Other waste

You should take care to make sure that nothing other than human waste, water, and manageable amounts of toilet paper are going down the drain. Often times, other products or small objects can accidentally become part of the flushed items.

In such cases, the best thing to do is to avail the services of a reliable plumbing company like Pro Serve Plumbing which provides 24/7 round the clock Emergency plumbing services in Fort Worth TX. For more information contact us and get more information or book an appointment now.