3 Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair ASAP in Fort Worth, TX

a plumbing pipe

Your Fort Worth, TX, homes consist of various ‘invisible’ systems that keep things running smoothly around the whole space. These include buried cables, electrical connections, and household plumbing. While it’s incredibly safe and convenient to have these systems, they can take a while to show symptoms if something breaks down.

Your residential sewer line is one of those systems that don’t show obvious signs of defect. It transfers your entire house’s wastewater to the main sewer. Therefore, it’s critical to keep it well-maintained via sewer line repairs.

An average home insurance policy buyer pays a $500-$1000 premium every year. Unfortunately, sewer backups aren’t a part of the standard American home insurance policy. Fortunately, you can now save substantial costs by detecting some of the early signs of sewer damage.

Here are some of them.

Obnoxious Indoor Smell

Residential sewage has a strangely distinctive smell, which can be challenging to pinpoint. The first sign of a well-maintained sewer line is that its smell stays inside the pipe instead of making its way into your home.

However, if you notice a musty or mildew-like smell in your house’s drains, you must contact your plumber in Fort Worth, TX, for sewer line repair immediately.

a water pipe

Gurgling Noises

Every toilet has a flushing noise. However, if you notice gurgling noises in your toilet when no one uses it, there’s a sewer line problem. These gurgling sounds are usually those of bubbles coming up into the toilet bowl.

Toilet noises occur when your sewage backup is stuck in the pipes, and the toilet is unable to get rid of the sewer line clog. Seek emergency plumbing services to prevent further sewer line damage if you hear these sounds.

Improper Drainage

Many homes with traditional and outdated sewer systems have slow drainage issues. Slow water drainage is an outcome of sewer line clog or damaged sewer pipes requiring urgent replacement. Therefore, drainage issues might be common, but they’re certainly very serious.

A qualified plumber can help determine how big the sewer line clog is. While you can always remove clogs via DIY methods, including eco-friendly drain cleaners, you should ideally call your plumber instead of putting the rest of your house’s plumbing at risk.

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If you suspect damage to your sewer line, you should seek an urgent inspection and sewer line repairs from a licensed plumber. Avoid damage-inducing delays that can be heavy on your pocket, and reach out to our experienced team of plumbers at Pro Serve Plumbing in Fort Worth.  Call today to schedule an appointment.