Why You Should Inspect Your Sewer Line Regularly

Sewer line replacement

A well-maintained sewer line paves way for fast wastage flow, preventing clogged pipes. A sewer line lays down the foundation of a healthy plumbing system in your home, which means fewer pipe breakages, smell, mold, and repairs. A poorly maintained sewer line can also damage toilets, kitchen sinks, and the overall plumbing line underground.

People often waste their hard-earned dollars in getting new sewer line systems or pipe repairs. A sewer line replacement can easily cost from $4,000 to $25,000. Apart from the money, it takes a lot of work and effort to repair a damaged sewer line with an overpowering smell, bacteria, and contamination. You can keep your bathroom safe from all such problems by inspecting your sewer line regularly. Given below are some reasons why you should be inspecting the sewer line of your place:

It will cost you

The market size of water and sewer line construction industry amounts to $45 billion. This means that people spend thousands of dollars on sewer line replacement as they fail to inspect it thoroughly. Without regular inspection, a sewer line can result in a series of issues. For instance, the pipes can become easily clogged, blocked, or even break, causing excessive leakage. A professional is usually called on the scene for the sewer line replacement, which can be very costly.

Minor damage in the sewer line can lead to massive breakages and wear and tear underground causing flooding. Thus, catching a leaky pipe or a clogged one through regular inspection can prevent this from happening, saving you a lot of money in the future.

If you have a damaged or a broken sewer pipe, then get in touch with our professional plumbing services for sewer line replacement in Fort Worth, TX.

Tree Roots Intrusion

Inspecting sewer lines for tree roots intrusion and eradicating them on an immediate basis is also essential. A sewer line provides a perfect environment for tree roots to grow. Your sewer line is packed with a good water resource, oxygen, and other nutrients but tree roots can be very harmful to the entire line. Don’t plant trees or any plantations near your sewer line. If you find any, try eliminating them mechanically or through chemicals.

How can you get the Inspection Done?

sewer line Inspection

Sewer line inspection is usually done by sending a mini camera down the pipe to check any breakages or tree roots. A live video footage helps detect the existing condition of the pipe. If it’s in bad shape, then it’s urgently repaired.

An inspection carried out every six months is needed. Usually, a professional plumbing service is contacted for this purpose. If you are based in Fort Worth, Texas, and are in dire need of a sewer line replacement, then Pro Serve Plumbers are your one-stop solution. We offer premium plumbing services at affordable prices. Call us today to find out more!