Why You Need to Get Your Water Heater Checked Before the Winter

a winter night

Fort Worth, Texas, is finally welcoming winters in what has been a tough year on us all. With a raging pandemic, nation-wide protests, and a hectic election, all we Texans want to do is snuggle in our cozy homes and bask in its indoor warmth.

Imagine if all of that goes wrong because you forgot to check your water heater before the winters.

Because the list of things that can go wrong is very lengthy. . .

Sediment Buildup

It goes without saying that you might not have used your water heater all throughout the year—and that you have to use it generously in the winters. Only, since you never bothered getting it check during the rest of the year, you didn’t realize that there’s been a sediment buildup inside.

old fashioned water heater

Sediment, as well as minerals, do more than just affect the flow of water. They can also absorb warmth from the heated water—warmth that you so badly need. Whether it’s corrosion or minerals that’s bugged your pipes and your heater, you need to get that cleared asap.

Acidic Water?

If the water that your heater is producing is as hot in temperature as it is in acidity, that’s a sign of faulty electrodes right there. It happens when you don’t notice how high the temperature is getting—and if it gets any higher than 120 degrees, your electrodes will malfunction. The scales fall into the water and will affect the anodes. It will also lead to slow deterioration of your heater’s walls, which is something you’d definitely want checked by a professional.

Bad Parts

A water heater runs on a number of parts and components—the pilot, control valve, thermocouple, thermostat, etc. All of these parts need regular checking since they, together, work as heating elements. Even if one of these parts malfunctions, the water heater will start malfunctioning.

Poor Insulation

Maybe nobody ever told you, but your pipes aren’t the only things that need insulation. We would strongly recommend that you properly insulate your water heater since that does two things:

  • It conserves the temperature
  • It raises the temperature of the water by some degrees
  • Minimizes the time you have to wait for water to heat up since it reduces heat loss

You can use fiber glass or neoprene foam for the purpose, but it would be best to get a professional to look at your water heater before you proceed with it.

Looking for Water Heater Repair Services in Fort Worth?

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