Does Your Water Heater Need a Repair Before Winter Hits Fort Worth?

a winter night

It’s getting gradually colder in Fort Worth—and that means two things: Christmas and water heaters. Sadly, for most of us, Christmas festivities and preparations trump concerns for water heaters—and they shouldn’t.

If you dive into the shivering winters without getting your water heater checked by a professional in Forth Worth, you might be in for many surprises—none of which you’re going to like much.

These include cold water, faulty heaters, and more.

Here’s how you know you should be talking to a water heater specialist right now:

Oscillating Temperatures

water bubbles

If the temperature of your water keeps changing every now and then, you definitely need to get it checked. Let’s say that at times your water heater is taking an eon to warm the water up, whereas at other times it heats up very quickly—that’s a problem.

Cold Water

You had one job, water heater.

The whole purpose of having a water heater is so that you can get hot water—and if that isn’t working out, you need to call a professional. While it’s perhaps safe to say that the heat loss is occurring due to mineral or sediment deposits, a professional would still know better.

The Water Doesn’t Look Too Good

Brown or dark water? You have a potential health hazard glaring you in the face. Look, not to be racist against bad-colored water, but bad-colored water is bad news. It indicates an underlying contamination in your water heater, and could also be symptomatic of something else.

Water, Water, Everywhere—Not a Drop to Use?

At any given time, in any water heater, you have gallons of water saved up. It should be readily available to you for use whenever you desire, and it should not run out of water. If you discover that you’re running out of water, you might have to get one of those heating elements looked at.

The Heater’s Grumbling

Nobody likes a grumbler—less so if the grumbler happens to be a water heater. If you begin hearing funny noises from your water heater, the problem might be the fact that it’s an old one. While it’s natural for your boomer heater to make some noise, you should be wary of loud, popping, or banging sounds emanating from within the heater as those can be indicate of something deeper and uglier.

Find a Water Heater Professional in Fort Worth, Texas

If you live in Fort Worth, Texas, and need a professional to look at your malfunctioning water heater, reach out to us at Pro Serve Plumbing, and we can take care of your water heater repair needs.