Why is it Vital to Have a Plumbing Inspection Before Buying a Home?

Purchasing a new house is a huge investment and can also be the ultimate financial goal for many of us. Therefore, it’s best to be extra cautious during your search before finalizing a property. Getting your house inspected for constructional and electrical issues is extremely common, but plumbing inspections are often neglected. If not inspected initially, plumbing issues can cost you thousands of dollars in the long run!

As a professional plumbing company with a team of licensed and insured professionals, we’ve listed down the four essential plumbing inspections necessary before buying your new house: 

Water Pressure

Having the house checked for water pressure provides a way to quantify the health of the home’s plumbing framework.

Plumbers will check your taps and pipes to ensure water is being utilized proficiently at the right pressure. This is vital as increased water pressure could cause undue tension on pipes, fixtures, and appliances like your washing machine and dishwasher.

On the other hand, decreased water pressure could highlight an extreme hindrance in someplace in the pipping. So, this should be the first thing to get checked.

Water Heater 

Imagine walking into your new shower only to find the water not as hot as you’d like it. Especially in the winter, hot water is a pure blessing. Thus, when inspecting the plumbing of your new home, the water heater is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.Keep in mind, if the water heater is old or in bad condition, repairing or replacing can be extremely costly. Checking this during your inspection will ensure the proper functioning of your heater.

An experienced plumber will also go that additional mile to check around the heater for leaks and water damage, to be extra sure!

Sewer Line

Sewage-related problems are not only gross and smelly but can be costly as well. If not inspected, the hidden problems in the sewer lines will make way for an array of plumbing problems later on.

There are many reasons for sewer line clogs; more often than not, these problems are not known to previous house owners. Issues causing clogged sewer lines will need a full replacement, which will cost a lot. Thus, it’s vital to inspect the main sewer line to ensure smooth running, and there are no costly repairs required in the future.


Another issue that’s frequently neglected by homeowners is a leaky toilet base. Some people tend to flush hard materials down, which often clogs the sewer line and results in costly repairs.

If the ground right around the toilet is stained or not firm, or if the toilet isn’t safely set up, it can imply that there is significant floor damage hiding underneath. Such leaks may seem negligible early on. However, this water will eventually cause the subfloor to decay and can make its way between the finished floor and subfloor. A few homeowners, not knowing how much harm this can cause, endeavor to seal the base themselves, which can exacerbate the issue. Getting a professional to inspect saves you from further damage.

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