What are the Health Implications of a Broken Pipe?

Plumbing issues arise in every home at some point or the other—this is especially true for older homes and homes in which the pipes haven’t been changed for decades.

Water damage that occurs due to broken pipes impacts the resale value of a home significantly, as well as its appearance. However, the effects of water damage aren’t just cosmetic. It can turn into a serious issue that affects the health of your family members.

Ignoring this issue and letting it fester despite noticing the first signs of trouble leads to more damage later on.

We’ve covered some of the consequences of leaks on a home:

Drives down property value

A documented history of water damage to a property, in addition to visible wet patches, are culprits in driving down a home’s resale value. Even after the damage is fixed, the lingering effects never quite go away completely. If you’re planning on selling your home, you need to understand that this weakens your bargaining position in the market. Your final selling price will most definitely be lower than the market value based on this one issue alone.

Take care of water leaks as soon as they spring up. Such leaks are also cheaper to get repaired when you call in a reliable plumbing service. Within no time, the leak is contained, and the pipes are reinforced to prevent further damage. Nipping any leaks in the bud will help you maintain the value of your home.

Mold and fungal growth

The most severe consequence of water damage is the moisture left behind in the walls, flooring, and furniture. This moisture promotes the growth of mold and fungi within the home. These living organisms produce spores that become airborne and are hazardous to health. Mold and fungal growth also affect the structure of a home. It begins to corrode the affected area, which weakens the structure of the space.

Spores are found in most homes and the human body can typically fight them off. However, when these spores increase, they cause severe health issues. It causes nasal congestion, eye irritation, rashes on the skin, respiratory problems, etc. Such contaminants in the air most seriously affect those who already have compromised immune systems, or struggle with conditions like asthma.

If mold and fungus is growing in and around the pipes of your home, it contaminates the water running through it. Contaminated water leads to a number of issues like stomach aches and diarrhea.

Health complications that arise as a result of mold and fungi or contaminated water are easily preventable if you take proactive measures to maintain your residential pipes.

Weakens the structure of the house

Repairing structural damage due to moisture is time-consuming, invasive, and expensive. Water damage causes stains on the walls. These streaks on the walls are visible in the form of patches and scrape the paint off from your walls—not to mention how unsightly they look.

When leaks begin to affect the drywall in your home, it results in the wall losing its shape and swelling up. The integrity of the structure is compromised as a result and it begins to develop an odor too.

The most hazardous damage that happens due to leaks is when they begin to affect the beams of your home. The beams support the entire structure of your home and supplement the support that the foundation of your home gives to the structure. When walls warp due to water damage, it can lead to gaps and holes to form on it. That, coupled with mold, can make your home unlivable.

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