Toilet Tank Troubles: 3 Things That Can Go Wrong

Your toilet is arguably the most important water fixture in your bathroom. Chances are you’ve never really given it serious thought but try to imagine life without a properly functioning toilet. Seems impossible, doesn’t it? According to the World Toilet Organization, the average person uses a toilet 2,500 times a year. If it were up to you, you’d never disturb the peace your toilet affords you.

Unfortunately, sometimes toilets go on the fritz and toilet tank troubles can be very common. Here are some of the things that can go wrong with your toilet tank.

Only Flushes a Little or Not at All

If your toilet is not flushing the right amount of water or if there’s no water coming out at all, there is probably an issue with the flushing mechanism. A flushing mechanism is more complicated than you’d think. So, it’s likely you lack the tools and knowhow to fix it yourself. Save yourself the headache and a host of other problems that could arise if you go at it yourself. Call a professional bathroom plumbing service in Fort Worth to handle the issue.

Does Not Refill After Flushing

There are multiple reasons why your toilet tank is not refilling properly. The issue could lie with the float ball lying too low. The float ball is what stops the inflow of water after it has reached its optimal height. When the float ball lies too low it doesn’t let enough water enter the toilet tank.

Sometimes, the fill valve may be the culprit. Fill valves control the flow of water coming in from the supply line to refill the tank after flushes. In other cases, the problem may be caused by a malfunctioning trip assembly or by low water pressure.

The Water Runs Constantly

If the water from your toilet tank runs constantly, even when you haven’t flushed it, you may have a troublesome flapper valve. In certain cases, the issue can simply be fixed by moving the flapper valve around. If this is a recurring issue however, you may need to replace the flapper valve. Maybe even replace the toilet. Consult an experienced plumber to get a clear answer.

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