Almost 14,000 Americans deal with water damage at either work or home every day. While there can be many reasons behind a water leak in a commercial or residential property, a slab leak is more likely than any other kind of water damage.

A slab leak happens when the water starts to seep through the pipes underneath the slab of your home—that is often the foundation of the entire structure! In some cases, slab leaks are minimal—they can be as small as a pinhole. However, even a minor slab leak can build up to a massive break flooding your property with water.

In the case of a slab leak, it’s important to understand the disastrous effects it can cause. Here are some:

On Your Health

Your family’s and your health is perhaps the first thing that gets affected when there’s a slab leak in your home. You’d want to do anything to protect yourself and your family in a crisis like this.

A slab leak becomes dangerous when it starts to produce mold—a silent and often-invisible danger. Breathing in mold spores for any period of time can give rise to respiratory issues. The longer you breathe around mold spores, the more they have the room to ruin your health.

On Your Home

Since we’re talking about the foundational slab of your home, a slab leak is more than likely to negatively affect the structure of your home. Even if your foundation is made up of reliable material like concrete and steel, a slab leak can still ruin it with water pressure. The water pressure can shift the foundation of your home, compromising the strength and integrity of the structure.

In its initial stages, it’ll only cause cracks. But if left undiagnosed and unresolved for a long time, it’ll make the structure collapse.

On Your Finances

If you manage to spot a slab leak in its earlier stages, it’ll save you a lot of money. A minor slab leak can be repaired easily and cost-effectively. But the massive ones—the ones that might have already compromised the structure of your home—might cause anything above $5,000 for repairs.

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