Suspect a Slab Leak? Here’s What You Should Do

You get home, and your kid comes running towards you. Disturbed, he asked, “Why are there mushrooms growing under the carpet?” You’re incredibly concerned when you realize that something is seriously wrong! It is a slab leak that went unnoticed

Slab leaks are an industry term used to describe leaks in the water line under the concrete foundation of a house. Most homes are built on concrete slabs with copper pipes for the home’s plumbing beneath. A rupture in those pipes causes the water to seep up through the foundation into your home.

These leaks occur on the pressure side of the foundation, making them easy to detect; or on the drainage side, making them harder to identify. In either case, slab leaks can cause severe damage to your property.

Spikes in the water bill, moisture under the carpets, and mold on the flooring; are all telltale signs of a slab leak. If you feel you might be dealing with a slab leak, here’s what you should do.

Shut Off Your Water

Since slab leaks are leaks in your residence’s pipes, we would advise you to immediately turn off the water supply so that it does not cause further damage to your property.

Be Sure About the Location

It is advisable to identify the exact location of the leak before taking any action. If you are the least bit uncertain about the exact location, please consider calling or professional help. DIY-ing your way into this will be heavy on your pocket and health.

Prepare for Hazardous Conditions

Before the procedure, be sure that you have emptied the room of all the furnishing. Airborne dust and debris could damage your furniture and prove harmful for you and your family’s health. Be sure to wear protective gear.

Call a Professional

Professional plumbers will drain water from your building’s water lines and pump air to identify leaks. They would then require sensitive listening equipment for the detection of the leak. After that, a jackhammer is used to remove the concrete slab, and the exposed pipe is examined and fixed. The issue may be a simple solution, or it could call for a re-piping. In either case, do not cause yourself the hassle of going through the processes yourself.

A prompt response to slab leaks can save your property from significant damage. Get in touch with us now for a FREE onsite quote on our water slab leak repair and detection services in Fort Worth, Texas. We have been in the industry for the past fifteen years.  Our trained experts have all the necessary training to take care of any plumbing job that you require.