Stop Wasting Your Money! Switch To a New Water Heater This Summer

Many people don’t pay attention to their water heater as long as they don’t experience any problem. What they don’t know is that they are putting a lot of money down the drain. Are you one of them?  Are you still using an old water heater?

Here are the disadvantages of old water heaters and signs that you should stop wasting your money and buy a new, energy-efficient replacement this summer:

Disadvantages of old water heaters

Maintenance becomes very costly

An old water heater can be very expensive to maintain. The build-up of sediments and minerals over time can be difficult to clean, which makes maintenance more difficult and costly.

Perform expensive repairs frequently

Old water heaters can present several problems that require costly repairs. Due to inefficient functioning, the water heater needs to work twice as hard which puts additional stress on the machine, hence higher repair costs.

Higher energy costs

Due to inefficient operation, old water heaters consume more energy, which leads to higher electric bills. Moreover, old heaters don’t have energy-saving technology so they already require a lot more energy to function compared to the latest models available in the market.

Signs that you need a new water heater

Frequent breakdowns and repairs

If you water heater breakdown frequently and present problems like a bad smell, water leakage, and temperature fluctuation, it’s a sign that your unit is getting old and you’ll be better off replacing it with a new one.

The water heater is nearing its useful life

Typically, water heaters are built to last for eight to twelve years. If your water heater has passed that mark, it might be a good time to replace it with a new one to avoid incurring costly repairs and prevent water damage.

The water in the heater tank has a rusty color

Drain your water heater after every few months. If the water coming out of the tank is rusty in color, it’s imperative to opt for a replacement to ensure access to clean water that is free from oxidized iron.

Stop Wasting Your Money! Switch To a New Water Heater This Summer

If you are experiencing any of the problems above, you should invest in a new, high-quality water heater. This way, you’ll save a substantial amount of maintenance and repair as well as energy costs.

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If you’re not sure whether you need a replacement or repairs can do the trick, hire a professional to evaluate the condition of your unit. A competent plumber may be able to perform some quick repairs to buy you more time.

Your plumber will also help you determine which water heater is suited for your home and pick the right one for your home. Moreover, they will carefully install the new unit to ensure your new water heater performs flawlessly and give you complete peace of mind.

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