Snake Your Own Drain with These Tips

And after a long, hectic day, the last thing you want to spend time doing are plumbing fixes.

This is when a snake drain comes to the rescue. From minor sink clogs to significant toilet buildups, a snake drain can help you get rid of stubborn grime and gunk that’s obstructing the water flow. However, many homeowners don’t know how to use a snake drain properly.

We’ve crafted this detailed guide to help you fix a clogged drain using a snake pipe in no time.

When Would You Need to Snake Your Own Drain? 

The first step to using a snake pipe for draining purposes is to identify and know the root cause of a clogged drain. A snake drain is a bent, hollow pipe that can get rid of debris such as food particles, soap, and hair that can clog narrow drain passages.

If the clog can’t be removed using a snake drain, you should call an emergency plumbing service for a quick fix.

Follow these recommendations to master the art of snake draining clogged water passages!

Gather Tools for the Job

Besides a snake drain, the most important tool to have handy is a coat hanger from your closet. It’s fairly long and does the job well. A hook-shaped hanger helps in reaching deeper down the drain.

Remove the Drain Strainer

Put on your handyman gloves and remove the drain cover, AKA the drain strainer. Now push the snake cable into the cavity and twist it clockwise. Keep pushing as you twist. It’s recommended to go down at least three inches from the drain opening until you get a sense of clog’s nature and complexity.

Don’t Fear the Scratching

On your way twisting and pushing the snake drain down the pipe, you might hear scratching noise which is totally normal. After reaching the bottom-most part, you’ll feel like the pipe has hit a rock-bottom. But keep on twisting and pushing the snake drain past the curve.

Feel the Resistance

When snake draining past the curve, the moment you feel resistance, it means you’ve reached the clog that’s been causing issues in the drain. Now try hooking the clog while twisting the snake drain in clockwise direction.

Continue prodding the material until it breaks up and eventually punctures into smaller pieces.

Use Hot Water

After successfully breaking down the clog, pour hot water mixed with some detergent down the drain. It’ll rinse away the gunk’s remnants and ensure a better, unblocked water passage.

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