Signs That Indicate Your Sewer Drain Is Clogged

Signs That Indicate Your Sewer Drain Is Clogged


The process of sewage disposal started in the 1800s all across the US and ever since it has made our lives easier. Our sewer lines not only keep us organized, but they also contribute to a healthy environment. Unfortunately, the failure of sewage systems can wreak havoc in the entire neighborhood.

A clogged sewer line can turn into a huge inconvenience and expose your loved ones to an unhygienic environment. In addition, the unclogging process may cost you an arm and a leg if the issue is ignored for too long. It’s better to identify the warning signs as soon as possible and take the necessary actions to get rid of the clog. Here are some important signs that can help you detect a sewer line clog.

Bad Smell:

A stinky sink, toilet or pipes is a dead giveaway for a clogged drain. Your vicinity will start smelling like rotten eggs. That’s the smell of sewer gas, which is produced due to the decomposition of waste material. It usually results when something blocking the sewer pipes begins to rot. This could be one of the initial signs before you see any visible signs if a clog.

Gurgling Sound:

Your toilet shouldn’t be making weird sounds under normal circumstances. However, if you hear gurgling sounds in your bathroom, your sewer lines are trying to signal a leak or a clog. A blocked sewer lines make noises when the trapped object moves down the drain. It’s one of the early signs that can help you avoid a major disaster if addressed immediately.

Slow Drainage:

Your drain shouldn’t take hours to drain water. If that’s the case, it’s a signal that something’s up with your sewer lines. Slow drainage indicates something hindering the water flow. It could be waste material accumulated in the sewer pipes or tree roots penetrating in search of some water. Regardless of the cause, it should be handled at once to avoid future inconveniences, such as flooding or a pipe burst.

Water Back Up:

This is probably an extreme and obvious sign of blocked sewage. A clogged drain that goes unattended results in sewage back up through the drain, sinks or toilets. The accumulated water is here to stay until the pipelines are clear of all the waste. This requires professional services to remove the clog quickly without costing you a fortune.

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