Sewer Line Repair vs. Replacement: Understanding the Differences

Sewer Line Repair vs. Replacement: Understanding the Differences


If a sewer line in your home starts leaking, there’s no way you can postpone dealing with the problem. The repercussions of ignoring the problem are definitely heavy on the pocket! Therefore, its best to prioritize getting the line fixed before it gets too nasty.

The first thing you want to do is figure out the problem. Does the damaged line need to be repaired or replaced? If your sewer line has holes or cracks, then it’s recommended to get it repaired; but if the damage is serious, then the line has to be replaced.

To identify the severity of the damage, a pipe leak test has to be performed that’ll help you determine what the solution is.


Damage Assessment

Hire the help of an expert plumber to assess the damage. Detecting the source of sewage pipe damage can be incredibly difficult without professional help. Pro Serve Plumbing can help you trace the problem to its root cause. Our professionally trained plumbers are equipped with all the knowledge required to run pipe leak tests and recommend a solution once the source of the problem has been spotted.

Repairing the Sewage Line

If a repair can achieve a durable result, then that’s what you should go for—after all, replacement is much costlier than repair. There are various kinds of repair options that you can opt for, depending on the kind of damage your sewer line has sustained.

Some of the most common repairs include pipe relining, burst pipe hydraulic replacement and preventive pipe maintenance.

Pipe Replacement

If your sewer line has become severely damaged, then a pipe replacement is in order. After a pipe leak test has been conducted and the underground picture is clear to the plumber, they’ll map out the damage on a schematic diagram and then proceed with the proposed solution.

There is extensive excavation involved with sewer pipe replacement but rest assured because we make sure all work is done in a sanitary manner that’s safe for everyone. Once the job is done, our workers clear away the debris and ensure that the soil around the damage is properly compacted.

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