Regular Septic Tank Pumping For Your Business: More Important Than You Think

Many businesses ignore the septic tank as long as it’s not causing a problem, but that’s where they go wrong. If not properly taken care of, the septic tank can create serious problems.

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Here are some reasons why regular septic tank pumping is important for your business:

Code violations

A backed-up septic tank is a health code violation. In such a scenario, you will need to keep your business closed until the cleanup process is complete.

As a result, your business will incur extra expenditure to clean septic issues. Moreover, it will impact the overall productivity of your workforce.

Property damage

An overfull septic tank can start to leak, which can cause flooding and significant property damage—trust us, it can be really bad!

In addition to septic tank pumping, your business will also have to pay a hefty price to restore the damage to the property caused by septic tank failure.

Unpleasant odors

If you keep neglecting the septic tank pumping, the unpleasant odors from sewage will start to escape from drains.

The foul smell can not only be highly irritating and nauseating, but it can also be extremely harmful.

Irreparable damage

Once the tank starts to leak, it’s a sign that it’s damaged beyond repair. You will have no other choice other than buying a replacement.

Buying a new septic tank and the installation can be way expensive than carrying out regular maintenance that keeps the tank clean and increases its useful life.

How Often Should You Schedule Pumping?

Many businesses do understand the importance of regular septic tank pumping, but they’re not sure what should be the frequency.

This depends upon several factors, including the size of the tank, how much waste and what kind of waste goes into the tank, among other factors.

Ideally, businesses should hire septic tank pumping services bi-annually or at least once a year. Just make sure you don’t wait for the warning signs as they mean it’s already too late.

It’s important to hire a professional plumbing company that has experience of working with septic tanks. They will come to your facility and give you a pumping schedule to get you started.

Furthermore, good plumbing companies safely handle the transportation and disposal of the waste, providing you complete peace of mind.

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