Red Alert! Warning Signs That Indicate You Need a Plumbing Fixture

Red Alert! Warning Signs That Indicate You Need a Plumbing Fixture

Maintaining plumbing fixtures is essential for house maintenance. A proper sanitation system ensures proper drainage of water and a healthy lifestyle. From clean water to proper supply of natural gas, we are dependent on our plumbing systems to perform our daily tasks smoothly. Therefore, a simple plumbing issue can easily become a major source of inconvenience.

If you maintain your pipes regularly, you might never face a complicated and expensive plumbing issue. To make sure everything keeps running efficiently; here are some warning signs that can give you a heads up before a plumbing disaster.

Your Water Supply is Irregular:

Irregular water pressure indicates a pipeline issue such as a leak or a blockage. If there’s a leak in your plumbing lines, it’ll result in a spike in your water bill. The water seeping out of the leak is probably what’s causing a discontinuous supply of water.

In case of a clogged pipe, there might not be any changes in the bill. However, you might experience a pipe burst if the issue is left unattended for too long.

Your Toilet Drains Slowly:

A partial clog in the main sewer line can hinder the flow of water. This results in slow drainage when you flush your toilet. A sewage blockage usually occurs due to excess of waste accumulated in the sewer lines. A professional plumber can resolve this issue easily.

Faucet Constantly Drips:

The sound of a dripping faucet is unbearable for many homeowners. However, it’s not just the annoying sound that should be worried about. The water leakage can result in a sudden spike in your monthly water bill, burning a hole through your pocket. Consider replacing the faucet to get rid of this problem.

Your Place Stinks:

Does your home smell like rotten eggs? It’s the smell of the sewer gas, which signals a sewer clog. Sewer gas is the result of waste matter rotting in your sewer lines. It’s an early sign that indicates you need to get your sewer lines repaired.

There’s No Hot Water Supply:

If your water heater isn’t working, chances are that you won’t get hot water at all. Water heaters require regular maintenance and service to keep functioning properly. Cleaning mineral buildup from the water tank can solve the problem in some cases. But if the situation persists, let a professional handle it for you.

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