Potential Causes Behind Residential Pipe Bursts

Potential Causes Behind Residential Pipe Bursts

You walk into you laundry area or a common bathroom and discover it flooded with water! Well, there’s no sight scarier than this one. Water spewing everywhere and its level continuously rising, leaving you perplexed and totally blindsided.

Residential pipe bursts often come as surprise to many homeowners. There are hardly any signs that indicate an incoming burst emergency, which makes them difficult to prevent and manage. While it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter a burst pipe due to low water temperature in Texas, then what else could lead to a pipe burst?

Read ahead and discover all the potential reasons that could be the root cause of a sinking plumbing emergency.

Movement and Hammering

If you’ve recently had home renovations or repairs done, chances are your plumbing pipes might’ve undergone pressure due to hammering or drilling. With constant clamoring, underground and wall-concealed plumbing pipes can weaken and eventually, crack.

As a result, upon exposure to high water pressure, they burst. This risk can be mitigated by making sure that all your residential plumbing pipes are well-sealed, secured, and fitted in their designated spaces.

Timeworn Corrosion

Water pipes, especially the PVC ones, are designed to last for several years. But if you live in a house that was built decades ago, it’s likely that the piping system is made of metal or iron. These materials are prone to rust and corrosion and can decay over time.

Corroded pipes aren’t just an open invitation to pipe bursts, but they’re also hazardous to human health. The rust leads to pH imbalance in the water supply and can contaminate it by releasing galvanized iron pieces.

Water Meter Issues

It’s always a great idea to stay atop your water meter’s efficiency and performance. It’s important to know where it’s located and how it’s operated. This allows you to ensure you’re your water bills are in-line with your household water consumption, enabling you to timely shut off the valve in case of a plumbing emergency.

Warning Signs of Water Pipe Burst

Detecting a water leak in pipes is the best way to identify whether there’s a pipe burst emergency looming over your head:

  • Water pressure variation
  • Water marks on ceilings, floors, and walls
  • Standing water in your lawn or backyard
  • Foul smell from faucet
  • Unexpected spike in water bills

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