Damaged Plumbing with High Water Pressure

Damaged Plumbing with High Water Pressure

Are you noticing unusual water flow issues in your residential sinks, showerheads, and garden hoses? Water pressure issues are quite common, and frankly, inevitable in residential properties in Fort Worth.

Unfortunately, they can also lead to significant plumbing problems if not dealt with promptly. The leading cause of high water pressure is the municipal supply itself. If you live in hilly area, chances are you might face high water pressure. This is because the municipal systems tend to gear up the water flow to reach residential and commercial building built on sloppy areas.

How Does High Water Pressure Affect Your Property?

High water pressure isn’t just bad for plumbing fitting and fixtures, but it also leads to significant problems in your electrical appliances. Moreover, it can lead to higher and faster water flow from taps and showerheads which automatically shoot up water bills.

Here are the most common signs of high water pressure passing through your home’s pipe system:

  • Banging noises coming out of your pipes
  • Leaky appliances
  • Continuously dripping faucets

Effects of High Residential Water Pressure

Here are the two most negative effects of high water pressure:

1. Damaged Pipes

Continuous water flow at extreme density can corrode your plumbing system and cause pipe cracks and leaks.

Additionally, high water pressure also causes water hammer effect. When you turn off your water-consuming appliances and plumbing fixtures, the internal piping system experiences an unwanted increase in water pressure that eventually leads to severe pipe damage.

From valves, joints, and fixture heads to taps and drain pipes, water pressure can damage all kinds of plumbing fittings over time and invite a bigger plumbing nuisance.

2. Higher Utility Costs

It’s a no brainer that higher water pressure will automatically increase your utility costs. It results in excessive water consumption and wastage and higher maintenance costs due to pressure-related plumbing repairs.

Stats show that high water pressure can waste as much as 40,000 gallons of water per house per year, resulting in costs higher than usual. The maximum suggested water pressure for households is 80 psi; any pressurization beyond this volume can result in extreme water wastage.

Professional Plumbing Repair and Replacement Services in Fort Worth

While you might be able to carry out repairs for small problems around the house, it’s best to leave the complex plumbing issues to the experts. Pro Serve Plumbing offers superior plumbing repair and replacement services in Fort Worth, TX.

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