Plumbing Woes: DIY Or Call A Plumber?

The pipeline network—underground and over-ground—is the skeleton of your plumbing system. Fixing problems in the plumbing pipes is a complicated job that should be reserved for the experts. DIY experiments can go horribly wrong if you don’t have the professional expertise or tools to handle the project. Here’s why people refrain from seeking professional plumbing companies.

Money-Saving Mindset

Plumbing systems tend to age with time. Homeowners are often disgruntled by many plumbing woes and rise to the challenge of fixing damages. They also want to avoid spending from their monthly budget on plumbing expenses that seemingly cost a lot. The idea is to cut down on expenses in the short run by handling the minor leaks and repairs themselves.

This happens when you fail to realize the value that a professional service adds to your plumbing systems. It charges you something, but it’s an investment in the smooth running of your household. It ensures that everyday hiccups in the plumbing system don’t disrupt your routine.

Here are some common plumbing instances when homeowners have to choose between DIYs and professional service.

Clogged Drains

Slow-moving drains are the biggest nuisance in busy households, with unbearable stench and waste build-up. If there are fewer washrooms, it’s important to get the drains fixed ASAP.

You look for quick, cheap solutions, and you decide to Google. You’ll easily find ten different kinds of chemical drain cleaners that claim to unclog your drainpipes. But none come with a money-back guarantee if the product fails to resolve the matter.

The chemicals used in such cleaners are harsh on the pipelines and tend to erode the material over time. By using drain-cleaning solutions, you’re deliberately bringing reducing your plumbing’s lifespan. Permanent damage to the pipes can make holes in the pipeline and cause leaks.

A simple plumbing issue can escalate into a big-scale problem for which you’d eventually call the professionals and pay significantly more. It’s better to call them now and get the drains fixed for a lower price.

Leaking Faucets

A dripping faucet leaves a significant footprint on the environment by wasting 20 gallons of water per day! This is not just bad for your home; it’s irresponsible behavior toward 11% of the world population living without water. Not to mention, the water bills can shoot through the roof, so get them fixed today to dodge that bullet.

But don’t call professionals just yet. Often the reason for dripping faucets is not closing off the valves correctly. If the knobs feel jammed, try to dislodge the obstruction with gentle force. If it doesn’t work, don’t juggle with the faucet; call the professionals.

And if the problem is not that, it could be because of a faulty O ring. Some people develop knowledge of fixing this issue on their own—but if you’re even slightly unsure, give us a call right away. We’ll fix it in no time.

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