Plumbing Cleaning to Do When You’re Stuck at Home

Plumbing Cleaning to Do When You’re Stuck at Home

COVID-19 has confined most of the world to their homes for their good. While it could be a bit tough being indoors all the time, it’ll keep you safe. While you’re at it, you could spend some time tidying up the house and catering to minor fixes.

How about you start with plumbing cleaning?

Clean The Drains

Drains don’t clog up overnight. It takes months of debris and flushing all sorts of gunk and grime to clog them up. The best way to avoid the issue is not flushing things that that are not supposed to go down the drain. Other than that, the gunk should be cleared from time to time to avoid sudden buildup.

We recommend cleaning out the tub drains, sinks, and showers frequently even if they don’t seem clogged. Cleaning the drains on time will also lead to efficient drainage and prevent foul odors in your kitchen ad bathrooms.

Since you’re at home and might have some free time at hand, you can get cleaning with a bit of baking soda, hot water, and white vinegar. The chemical reaction may break up the gunk and help flush away the buildup. If you’re unable to do so, call up your local plumbing service.

Clean Your Showerheads

Your shower might seem like its working alright, but there’s probably something wrong with it even if you can’t tell. In most cases, the problem lies within the showerhead and not the shower itself– for example, minerals and scale buildup can clog up the nozzles. This is more likely if you’re dealing with hard water at home. The high mineral content of hard water blocks the nozzles to constrict them and blocks the water flow.

Luckily, cleaning the nozzles isn’t as hard as you might think. All you need is an old toothbrush and the same DIY ingredients that were mentioned above. Give the nozzles a good scrub with the mixture and flush it with hot water.

You also need to take the showerhead apart to clean the filter inside it separately. This part may be a bit technical and requires you to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you need assistance, a plumbing repair company may be able to help you.

Clean out the main sewer line

A clogged sewer line doesn’t mean your entire plumbing system is in danger—however, it’s still a serious problem. If the issue is unaddressed for weeks, your sinks and toilers are likely to back-up.

There’s no DIY fix for a clogged main sewer line, and you will need professional help from a certified plumber. However, you can try and clean up the mess on your own.

Before expert help comes, you can open up the cap of the main sewer line using a pipe wrench. As soon as you open it up, the waste caused by the clog will spill out of the mainline. If you have ample drainage space, the waste will run off completely. This is an important cleaning step before the technician attempts any fixes.

The good news is that Pro Serve Plumbing is up and serving the residents of Fort Worth TX. We are doing all that we can to keep our staff and clients safe. You can learn more about our residential plumbing services here.