Make Sure Your Heater Is Installed Right For Best Performance! Top X Installation Problems With Water Heaters


Make Sure Your Heater Is Installed Right For Best Performance!

Top X Installation Problems With Water Heaters

Water heaters can be expensive. By allowing a plumbing expert to install the new appliance, you’re placing your trust in their hands. No matter how good your choice of appliance is, it won’t perform to its optimum capacity if it’s not installed the right way.

The installation process is simple. Each electric appliance operates differently from another. A good plumber will always go through the manual if at any point they are in doubt. The professionalism and expertise of your plumber is of utmost importance in this case.

With that being said, here are some problems that can occur during installation of your water heater.

Handle The Power Source Responsibly

Dealing with the power source is a risky job. From the point of view of safety, the disconnection from the power source should be lockable or in-sight. Your power source must remain off during the entire process of installation. If the circuit breaker is not in sight, make sure you double-check that a breaker or disconnect switch is turned off.


Protective Insulation For Electrical Cords

Wall receptacles with a plug and cord are no longer installed near water heaters in modern homes. But if your house is built the old-fashioned way, make sure the wires in the unit are properly insulated in a flexible electrical conduit. However, this part is not needed for units that are installed in separate areas or in the attic.

Heaters Should Be Accessible

Electrical appliances can’t last long if they’re not inspected and maintained regularly. Installing your water heater in an inaccessible area severely impacts the durability of your appliance. Also consider avoiding areas of the house that you barely visit, like the attic. Having your water heater installed somewhere you can easily see it will enable you to identify signs of problems at the right time.

Location is Key With Gas Heaters

Installing gas water heaters in enclosed spaces like storage rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms or closets is very dangerous. This is because it runs the risk of poisoning the air with carbon monoxide. It’s better to house them in dedicated enclosures with an automatic closing door and a mandatory source of external air for combustion. It should go without saying that flammables require a minimum clearance which is necessary to ensure safety.

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