“Is My Pipe Leaking?” Signs That Tell You Need A Leak Detection


Is My Pipe Leaking?” Signs That Tell You Need A Leak Detection

An average household in the US wastes 9400 gallons of water through pipe leakages every year. This collectively aggregates to 900 billion gallons of water approximately lost across the nation! Had all this water been saved, 11 million families could have clean water for consumption.

This is a colossal loss of a natural resource that’s already scarce, and it’s nothing but exploitation of privilege that’s making us oblivious to the problem. In order to become conscientious citizens, we must address the issue at our earliest and curtail water wastage at a personal level. It’s high time that we look into all the plumbing problems at home and check for signs of pipe leakage.

If you’re facing any of the following problems, call us in for leak detection.

Exorbitant Water Bills

Are you getting outrageously high water bills? If you’re 100% sure that you haven’t been consuming more water to match the bill, it’s most likely because of a pipe leak. Monitor your water bills for a month or two and if the problem persists, contact a professional plumbing service urgently for leak detection.

Water Meter Readings

Your water meter can be your biggest resource. It can confirm whether there’s a water pipe leaking somewhere around the house. Run a quick Google search for step-by-step instructions on how to use a water leak to detect a leak. If you have difficulty doing that, we’re always here to help.

Mold or Mildew On Walls


Excessive moisture in walls can lead to the formation of mold because it thrives in such conditions. It’s normal to discover mold on shower walls but finding them on non-shower walls is a cause of concern. Humidity may not always be to blame for this problem so get it checked before it worsens.

Musty Odor

Ever feel like your house smells musty even after hours of cleaning? That could be because of a leaking water pipe because once water accumulates somewhere in a closed space, it reeks of this musty odor. Don’t try covering it up with air fresheners—it’s a problem that needs to be addressed ASAP.

Wet Spots

Discolored patches or wet rings often appear on dry walls. Re-painting the surface is only a temporary solution as it will only conceal the wet spots from view. Instead of ignoring the issue, it’s important to investigate why wet spots are appearing on your walls. It’s most likely a case of pipe leaks.

Low Water Pressure

Low pressure of water is not always a consequence of insufficient water supply. Water may not run with as much pressure if there’s some problem in the pipelines. A clog or a ruptured leak may be reducing the pressure.

Water Noise

Toilets and sinks often make bubbling sounds. You may also hear pipes clanking or whistling. These are signs that tell there’s a broken pipe which is leaking. Pay heed to all the different kinds of sounds you hear around the house to detect a water leak in time.

If you see any of the signs listed above around your house, give us a call right away. We’re based in Aledo and offer plumbing leak repair service in Fort Worth TX. Get in touch with us right away!