How to Protect Your Family and House from a Gas Pipe Leak

Due to environmental stressors and uneven pressure, sometimes, even gas lines that have been professionally installed experience leakages and ruptures. So if your nose catches the smell of rotting eggs or sulfur, it’s probably because of a gas

Identifying a gas leak

If your gas bills are higher than usual, it could be because of an undetected leak. Not only will the leak itself lead to a spike in usage, but the lower pressure will also mean that your appliances need more gas than usual to provide you with the same amount of heating.

In this case, you should get your gas line inspected.

Apart from the smell of propane, you might also see white mist escaping near the gas line, accompanied by a hissing sound. If you see any of these signs, carry out the following steps:

Evacuate your house immediately

Make sure no one stays inside the house. Trust your gut instinct. Many gas leak disasters happened because homeowners decided to wait and see if the smell really was a gas leak.

Major gas leaks have the potential to be catastrophic, and can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and explosive fires.

While evacuating, make sure you stay away from all electrical appliances, especially heating appliances that rely on your gas line. Don’t touch any electrical switches either, even if they’re on. Even a small spark could cause a fire.

Don’t close your windows and doors

Leave all the doors and windows open and get to a safe vantage point near your house. While keeping your doors and windows open won’t do anything to stop the leak, it will help some of the gas that’s built up in your house release.

This ventilation could be invaluable for the protection of your house and belongings, as it could prevent a fire.

Call 911 and your utility company

Your utility company will shut off your gas supply immediately. The fire department will carry out a check to deal with any major leaks, and will take care of any emergency. Once your property and the gas line have been inspected and cleared of immediate risks, you can go inside your house again.


Call Pro Serve Plumbing

After immediate issues have been dealt with, our gas line repair services in Arlington will take care of any remaining issues. Your utility company and the fire department will only address emergency leakages. Our professional plumbers will ensure that your gas line is safe for you to use in the long run, and assess whether you need to install a new gas line.

We, at Pro Serve Plumbing, care about your safety, which is why we offer gas leak detection services in Arlington, TX. Our gas line repair services keep your family and your Arlington house safe. Contact us today to obtain a club membership that gives you a 15% discount on all services.