How To Keep Your Household Plumbing Sustainable?

A long line of water faucets dripping water

With climate change and global warming becoming an increasing and ever-present issue in our society, we all need to do our part to fix this problem. Electricity and energy consumption in the United States is increasing rapidly, and therefore it’s important to use our resources sustainably.

Residential plumbing is a significant contributor to water usage. Reducing unnecessary usage when we can contribute a lot toward being eco-friendlier. There are various ways to make our plumbing needs easier and improve the condition of our planet. Let us help you get started on the journey:

1. Alternative Water Heaters

Water heaters are a fixture of every single home in America. When it comes to your carbon footprint, water heaters should be at the top of the list of appliances you should be concerned about. Rather than using electric water heaters, it would be far more sustainable to use solar power or gas ones. Also, tankless water heaters are becoming more popular for the same reason. These options are far more energy-efficient and go a long way toward making our energy consumption habits more sustainable.

2. Eco-Friendly Toilets

You can select your toilets based on energy efficiency and water usage. Toilets use by far the most water of any area in a house. On average, toilet flushes use around 3 gallons of water. Studies show that reducing water consumption in your toilets can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. To reduce water consumption, consider toilets with more robust flushing systems and that flow lower.

3. Mind Your Faucets

Water shortages are one of the most significant problems the environment is going to face in the future, and so it’s vital to reduce our consumption wherever we can. A major issue that leads to overconsumption of water is the leakage of water faucets. When faucets leak, an unforgivable amount of water goes down the drain. Even when they don’t leak, faucets use a lot more water than is necessary.

One method to solve this problem would be to convert every single faucet in your house into either an efficient flow faucet or have a pressure option installed. Making these conversions would significantly reduce the amount of water you use and save you a lot of money when it’s time to pay the bills.

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