A partially loaded dishwater before a load

With the population of both, the country and the world accelerating, we must conserve the drinkable water we have. Thankfully, there are many steps we can take to conserve as much water as possible, and it stars in our home. After the bathrooms, the area where the most water is used is in the kitchen. If you’re wondering how you can chip in and do your part, here are a few ways to cut down on kitchen water waste that’s eco-friendly and affordable:

1. Do a Full Load of Dishes

Although it’s not a pretty sight to see dirty dishes lined up on the sink, running a partial load of dishes wastes too much water. A partially loaded dishwasher could waste from 5–10 gallons of water. If that is accumulated over time, it could result in a significant amount of water wastage.

You can replace your dishwasher with an energy-efficient one.  Although they’re generally more expensive, they help reduce water waste. A list of energy-efficient dishwashers is available on the website of the Center of Energy Efficiency.

2. Washing Dishes By Hand

Generally, washing dishes by hand wastes a significant amount more of water than using a dishwasher.  Research indicates that washing dishes by hand uses around 27 gallons of water, compared to 4 gallons when using a dishwasher.

When you wash dishes by hand, do not just let the water run while you’re rinsing. Instead, fill up one side with wash water and the other side with rinse water. Also, have an instant water heater installed near your kitchen sink.  You would not have to waste water testing whether the water is hot.

3. Update Your Faucets

A line of water faucets leakingLeaky water faucets are one of the biggest wasters of waters present in the house. An unimaginable amount of water goes down the drain when faucets leak. Although it’s impossible to determine exactly how water is wasted during faucet leaks, researchers estimate that around 3000 gallons of water wasted by a typical household every year.

It’s best to have the faucets repaired, so they don’t leak. Also, replacing every faucet in your kitchen into an efficient flow faucet or low flow helps conserve the amount of water you use in your kitchen.

We can help you update your kitchen plumbing to conserve water, and positively impact the environment. We provide expert residential kitchen plumbing services in Forth Worth, TX.  Get in touch with us now to book your appointment.