One of the most frustrating problems you’ll ever face is a clogged drain. This is because drains become clogged without any warning.

One moment you’re making dinner for your family during the holidays and the next thing you know is, your kitchen sink starts overflowing.

Or when you have an important guest staying over and they tell you that the bathroom is flooded.

How embarrassing!

But such problems can be easily prevented with precaution and care. Here are a few ways you can prevent your drains from clogging.

For Kitchen Drains: Don’t Throw Food In The Sink

This is common sense but most people forget that the kitchen sink is not designed to get rid of food. It’s only there so you can wash your dishes.

One of the biggest mistakes most homeowners make is that they don’t properly dispose of leftovers before washing the dishes.

When food particles go down the kitchen drain, they become stuck to the walls of the pipelines. After some time, they harden and this results in damage to the inner walls of the pipes. This leads to minor leaks that become a major problem later on.

For Bathroom Drains: Clean the Drain After a Shower

It’s not uncommon to lose at least 80 to 100 hairs a day. And this usually happens in the shower. After you’re done taking one, make sure to inspect the drain and see if you’ve lost any hair.

It may look like a minor problem at first because you’re probably thinking, “The drain is there to get rid of everything” but after some time, the hair and soap debris will block the flow of the water. This will then cause the drain to become clogged and your bathroom will be flooded.

For Kitchen Sinks: Run Hot Water After Washing the Dishes

If you properly dispose of leftovers before washing your dishes, make sure to run hot water you’re done so that any remaining particles are easily washed away. Secondly, soap debris can also become a problem so rinsing the sink with hot water will help dissolve the debris quickly.

Call a Professional Service

A plumber can help you figure out the source of clogged drains. They will help you find out whether the problem is something that’ll cause major problems or something that can be fixed immediately.

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