6 Signs that Warn you about a Plumbing Problem

Imagine waking up one morning to find out that there’s no water in your taps. Now that’s not a very pleasant morning, is it? Plumbing is not built to last for a lifetime. As pipes age, they get weaker and become more prone to wear and tear. It is, therefore, important to keep an eye out for signs that tell you a water line repair is required.


Here are a 6 warning signs that you ought to look out for:

Water Puddles and soggy lawn

Standing water puddles in your yard or soggy spots in the lawn are signs that say there is a small leakage somewhere. Don’t see any sogginess in the grass? Then look for that extra-green grass. Sometimes, it so happens that the ground absorbs the excess water but the grass above the compromised pipe becomes greener than it ordinarily is.

Sudden rise in the Water Bills

Unless there has been an increase in the consumption of water due to a known reason, an unexpected rise in your water bills is a clear indication that something is not right. Perhaps there are no noticeable leaks for you to see but an increase in your water expense is also a sign that a plumbing problem requires your attention.

Unusual Drop in the Water Pressure

If you notice a gradual decrease in your once strong water flow and find yourself unable to control the pressure with a regulator, then you may assume there is a leak, clog or crack in a pipe.

Visual Corrosion

Although not all home layouts enable you to do this, if possible, do give your water pipes a regular inspection for rust. While most pipes are made of copper that is resistant to corrosion, it is not impermeable to it and if rust is starting to show on it, then your pipe is asking for a replacement.

Discoloration of water

When there is a break in an external line, the water becomes dirty and discolored.  This doesn’t refer to any small amount of odd colored water from a rarely used tap—that’s usual. This means discolored water from taps in your entire home—then you have a problem. The discoloration could be the result of an excessively corroded line or rocks and dirt finding their way inside the water through a crack in the pipe.

Foundation Cracks and Gurgling Sounds

Leaks in the line can lead to cracks that may appear due to the concrete absorbing all the excess water from the leakage. This weakens the concrete resulting in foundation cracks. Lastly, strange gurgling sound when flushing your toilet and turning on your sink is also a development that you should consider to be a sign of plumbing problem. In fact, any strange sound that comes from your drainage system should be reason of concern.


Water leaks and pipeline problems are old and common. But if you leave the problem unattended, it will only worsen. In order to keep your house water safe, look out for the above warnings. If you notice something out of the ordinary, call a licensed plumber immediately.  Early detection is the best solution to a plumbing problem.

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