How are Slab Leaks Repaired? And Why You Should Hire a Pro!

As a homeowner, you want to keep your home—your biggest investment—in the best shape. You take care of the maintenance, inspections, and timely repairs to make sure everything is spot on at all time. However, while you may be able to identify and fix many maintenance problems in your home, some problems keep growing in plain sight. A leaking slab is one of those plumbing problems that is noticeable to the homeowners only after the damage has occurred.

What’s a Slab Leak and How Does It Occur?

Most new homes are built on slab foundations that are made up of high quality concrete and durable stainless steel. Even minor damage in the slab can impact the structural integrity of your residence.

Leaking slabs are extremely dangerous for homeowners as they put their properties and lifelong investments at a high risk of collapsing—particularly, if they are located in areas with higher seismic activities. Fortunately though, slab leaks aren’t irreparable.

Ahead we’ve explained three basic slab leak repair options that are most commonly used by leading slab leak repair services in Fort Worth, TX. However, it’s also important to note that the best option depends on the severity of the damage and the condition of your underground plumbing system.

Repairing the Compromised Portion

If the underground plumbing pipes are in a good condition but there’s a minor slab leakage, repairing a selective section is the best approach. In this method, only the leaking and damaged section of the pipe is replaced or repaired. This approach is often followed by lining the repaired pipe with epoxy to seal the pipe compromised area and preventing the risk of a future leakage. This approach is cost-effective and more feasible as it doesn’t require breaking through the foundation.

Rerouting the Underground Piping

If the leakage is minor at the time of the repair, but the underground piping is aging and is in poor condition, rerouting the pipes is the most suitable option. Fixing only one portion can lead to leaks in other sections of the compromised pipeline in the future, which means additional repairing costs and stress. In this method, the damaged pipe is closed at the nearest manifold and it’s re-routed (above the ground in most cases) from that point onwards.


If your house is was constructed 30 to 50 years ago,factors like aging and deterioration of main water line and sewer line system, in such case repiping is the only viable option. This approach is used to prevent future leakages and other expensive damages to the plumbing system.

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