Gas Line Repair: Common Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid

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Natural gas is highly flammable, which means that if there is a spark in the area of a leak, it could cause an explosion.

In 1937, a gas leak incident in the Consolidated School of New London, Texas, killed nearly 400 people, most of whom were children. It was only after this tragedy that the artificial aroma was added to natural gas, to make it easily detectable.

Some common causes of gas explosions are:

  • Faulty installation and improper use of gas appliances
  • Worn-out and rusty gas lines
  • Negligence in handling gas leaks

If you suspect a gas leak in your house, there are certain things that you should NOT do to avoid inviting any damages to your property.

Some common mistakes that you should avoid in the event of a gas leak are:

Lighting a match to find the source of the leak:

Lighting a matchstick to find the source of a gas leak can be lethal. If you suspect a possible gas leak in the house, refrain from striking a match to locate the source.

If the gas leak is intense enough, it can cause a major explosion.

burning match stick

Trying to repair the leak:

If you find the source of the leak, don’t try to repair it. Instead, leave the house immediately and call professionals to help you fix it.

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The spark used to light a cigarette can cause an explosion in a room full of highly flammable gases. Make sure that in the event of a gas leak, you remain calm and collected. Avoid smoking inside the home.

Turning switches on and off:

Turning switches on and off during a gas leak can cause an electric spark. Refrain from doing so and, instead, open all the windows and doors of your house. This will help the gas escape, and it won’t build on inside your house.

Waiting in the house while help arrives:

When you suspect a gas leak, evacuate the building immediately and call for help. Remember to leave all the windows and doors open. Don’t wait inside the house. If you do so, you are at risk of inhaling carbon monoxide, which can be life threatening.

Let the experts fix your gas leak:

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