Gas Leaks: Recognition and Response

Natural gas is extremely flammable and detecting a gas leak is imperative for your safety and the safety of others in the vicinity. In this blog, we will discuss the signs you need to look out for in order to determine if there is a gas leak, and what to do if there is.

Dead Plants

One telltale sign of a gas leak is if the plants placed in the house are starting to turn brown and die. When gas leaks, it replaces the oxygen in the air with carbon monoxide. Due to a lack of oxygen—which plants need in order to survive—the plants will start to turn brown and eventually die.

Smell of Rotten Eggs and Hissing Sound

Natural gas is naturally odorless. In order to make it possible to detect leaks, natural gas that is supplied to your house has an additive that gives off a smell. This smell is similar to the smell of rotten eggs. If you detect this kind of smell lingering around your house, it may be indicative of a gas leak.

Another sign is the hissing sound you hear from pipes. If the pipes in your walls or around appliances that use gas are giving off a hissing sound, there may be a gas leak.

Physical Symptoms

If there’s a gas leak in your house, you might also experience some physical symptoms. These symptoms include but are not limited to dizziness, nausea, feeling lightheaded and difficulty in breathing.

One way to determine if the symptoms are being caused by a gas leak is to go outside for fresh air and see if the symptoms still persist. If they don’t, that means a potential gas leak in your house may be the culprit.

What to Do If You Detect a Gas leak?

The first step you should take is out of the house. Evacuate your house and air it out so that the gas is dispersed into the atmosphere and doesn’t build up. Don’t use any appliances that require gas and avoid doing anything that would require igniting a flame. Try not to use electrical appliances and never attempt to fix the leak yourself. Always call for professional assistance.

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