Over time, the pipes in your home’s plumbing system become susceptible to damage caused by corrosion and ordinary wear and tear. And if not fixed right away, the damage can build up, resulting in flooding. Weak or loose pipes can rupture and burst open, wreaking havoc.

It doesn’t help that most residential plumbing pipes are placed inside the wall or run alongside one. Hence, when one ruptures, the surrounding walls also get damaged—this can compromise the integrity and strength of your home’s structure as well.

Locating a broken pipe inside the affected wall is necessary before you set out to fix the problem. With the right tools, knowledge and skills you may be able to locate the broken pipe, and also fix it! However, you need to be careful!

What Can Cause A Pipe To Rupture?

Drastic temperature changes are one of the leading causes of burst pipes. Very cold temperatures can cause the water inside these pipes to expand.

When the pressure on the inside increases beyond control, the pipe may burst. Very hot temperatures can also compromise the integrity of these water pipes.

What Are The Signs Of A Broken Pipe Inside The Wall?

A broken pipe inside a wall can go unnoticed, until the problem gets out of hand—staring you in the face. The following are some signs to look out for if you suspect a burst pipe inside your walls:

  • Flooding: This is perhaps the last sign that becomes visible—but you’ll know it’s the endgame when it does. If you start to notice random puddles of water on the floor with your walls consistently wet and your water bills going up, you might have a flood inside your walls.
  • Bubbling walls: Think when your paint starts to bubble and peel off the walls. This indicates that there is water where it shouldn’t be—in your walls.
  • Mold spores: The only thing mold spores need to grow is humidity. The broken pipes inside your walls provide just that.

Fixing The Broken Pipe

You might not want to try this at home if you’re inexperienced and don’t have the proper tools. But if you do, you can fix the pipe on your own by replacing the damaged portion with the help of a copper repair sleeve.

But if you need professional help, we’re here for you!

You can get in touch with the pros at Pro Serve Plumbers to have your broken pipes fixed. We offer commercial and residential plumbing services, including repairing broken pipes, spotting water damage, slab leaks or any other form of leak.

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